Spotify officially launches its Stories

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Spotify has held “Stream On”, its largest international event, which traditionally shows the main novelties that will arrive on the platform throughout the year, and once again – despite the pandemic – it is loaded with news.

Spotify Stories are called Clips and can only be published by artists (although anyone can see them)

One of the main ones at the corporate level is the international expansion of Spofity. Maybe you did not know, but it is a service that could not be used in many countries of the world, but the company has announced its official launch in 85 new markets and 36 new languages. This gives Spotify, which has 345 million users worldwide today, the chance to grow considerably in the coming months.

Spotify also announced new tools for artists, within its “Spotify for Artists” program, and one of them stood out above all: the arrival of Stories on the online music platform. They will not be like those of other social networks, where all users can create content that disappears after 24 hours, but they do have certain similarities.

Spotify Stories are called Clips, and they are exclusive to artists. The company had been working for months on the development of its own Stories and now they are a reality, although not all users will be able to use them. Artists will be able to upload a Clip – a story – at the beginning of, for example, curated lists with some of their musical themes, so that they have a personal touch.

Spotify already tested this last Christmas with some artists, who could well share most intimate moments with fans. The videos of the Clips can be recorded from home, in the recording studio, during a tour … from anywhere, directly from the mobile phone, preferably in portrait format.

Other news presented by Spotify

Along with this novelty, Spotify has also noted that renowned storytellers are joining the platform to make their podcasts, including former United States President Barack Obama and singer Bruce Springsteen.

In addition, the sound quality of Spotify premium subscribers will be improved in some markets, which will have access to ‘Spotify HiFi’ later this year, thus enhancing the CD audio quality they enjoy so far.

Spotify also announced a partnership with Anchor and WordPress to bring more features and income possibilities to podcast creators.


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