Spotify releases a ‘time capsule’ that will make you travel to other times

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Spotify has already shown over the last few years that it cares a lot about what we hear on a daily basis and that it takes note of everything that interests us. Proof of this are the tops that he has been publishing at the end of the year, with detailed summaries of all that to which we give the play and that, whether we like it or not, it changes over the decades.

Now, instead of waiting until the end of the year to see what we heard in 2011 or 2014, Spotify thought it would be a good idea to release a time capsule capable of making us go back to those old memories that we all have linked to a song. The idea is not only to show us our activity on the platform twelve years ago, but to go further. How about traveling to 50 or 60?

Travel through time without leaving home

The idea behind this time capsule is very simple, and we could already read it last April in a Spotify blog post, and it said that “Music, like smell, is one of those things with immediate access to that nostalgic memory and direct. It takes you back to that place. “And therefore, what better way to dive into our nostalgia than through those themes that marked us?

To access this time capsule you just have to go to the “Home” section of Spotify and go down through all the sections until you find the “Made for you” section. There you will see that new section and inside, a whole battery of recommendations exclusively designed for you. So much so that Swedes claim that, like Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, there will not be two identical music compilations.

This is due to several reasons, according to Spotify, and they are the data they take as a reference to make each playlist: on the one hand the country in which we live, on the other our musical tastes, the age we are and, finally, the historical of everything we have been hearing on the platform. In total, there will be 50 songs that we can listen to frequently in that time capsule and that will change each time we access it. So that nostalgia never stops.

This decision by Spotify to create such a specific mix focused on our tastes, or age, has to do with the fact that has detected, since the beginning of this 2020, an increase in the demand for music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. In other words, a return to the past that does not denote anything other than the desire to dive into some of our best memories. So much so, that we will be able to know which were the greatest hits of a specific year simply by looking in that little window to the past that Spotify has just placed in the palm of our hand.