Stadia for Android is updated and now allows you to play with data from your mobile

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Stadia is Google’s alternative to the giants of the video game industry and, little by little, it is completing stages in what we could consider as the phase of its official implementation. The problem is that for many users, that speed is not being as fast they would have wished for and so there are many doubts about what their future will be.

Technologically, there is no one to argue with because its streams work wonderfully and in amazing quality at up to 4K at 60fps. But it is the mobile devices where it still has a lot of room for improvement. Android, being the homeland created by Google, already has its fully functional app (for some models) and even more from now on, with the update that they have just published in the Play Store of those of Mountain View.

Mobile data and more

The case is that the release that we have in the Android store has begun to update to add a function that many users missed, which is to allow the game to stream through our mobile data. Until now, it was only possible through a Wi-Fi network, so going down the street and shaking PUBG was completely impossible.

Google Stadia on Android.

To verify that you have the latest version, this version of Stadia that allows you to play with your 4G data (or 5G if you are lucky) is 2.23 Although we recommend you to be attentive to the consumption it makes in case you start to try it. If you do not have an infinite data rate, control the resolution of the stream very well so that you do not suffer surprises. Take for example what Google warns that Stadia consumes on a 1,080p quality mobile phone under the umbrella of a Wi-Fi network: up to 12.6GB per hour. Presumably, Those of Mountain View will have adjusted that graphic quality on smartphones so that we do not carry more than 10GB per hour, which would make it unfeasible to use it if we hooked ourselves with a Destiny 2, or a The Elder Scrolls Online.

But there are more changes, for example There is also the possibility of sharing our purchases with other family members, if we have one created around the Google account. In this way, with the parent or guardian purchasing a game, the children can also use them on their own devices. In addition, it must be remembered that a few days ago the Stadia Premiere Edition pack lowered its price from 129.99 to 99.99 euros.