Starship’s delays don’t worry Elon Musk – he’s confident about the rocket’s future

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Starship's delays don't worry Elon Musk - he's confident about the rocket's future

The new powerful rocket Starship, owned by SpaceX, suffered many misfortunes during its tests and test flights. The company’s CEO, however, is not worried about his future spaceship.

The Starship will be the first fully reusable vehicle capable of bringing things and people beyond the earth’s orbit, virtually designed to also reach the Moon and Mars, always maintaining a very high re-usability rate. Over the past two years the rocket has undergone various tests (in particular its isolated components, since it has not yet been officially assembled in full), but not everything has always gone as planned. Although it took place in September 2019, the “failure” of the Mk1 prototype is still talked about, and has not just messed up the plans of the South African tycoon.

According to what Musk said at the time, the Starship should have performed an orbit test at at least 20km of altitude by the end of 2019. None of this has happened, but it didn’t necessarily prove to be bad: instead it led SpaceX engineers to work hard on subsequent prototypes, following the logic of “fail fast, succeed even faster“. During 2020 the improvement of Starship components paid off and recently – on 4 August 2020 – SpaceX’s SN5 prototype successfully completed a “jump” test, flying at an altitude of 150 meters and then landing on a different platform.

In this regard, during the Humans to Mars Summit to be held until September 3, Elon Musk confirmed total confidence in his most ambitious project: “We are making good progress. The thing we’re really making progress on with Starship is the production system. A year ago there was hardly anything and now we have many more production capacities. I think we can reach orbit in less than six months!

To confirm the words of Elon Musk, however, there are also the facts: not surprisingly Starship was selected by NASA as one of the three landing systems for the Artemis Program, during the missions that will see the light after 2022.

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