States General, the Government: "we focus on optical fiber, 5G and artificial intelligence"

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States General, the Government: 'we focus on optical fiber, 5G and artificial intelligence'

I have been running these days the General States of Economy following the lockdown imposed by the government for Coronavirus. In one of the nine chapters of the master plan “We plan the relaunch”, which was developed by Palazzo Chigi, reference is made to an imposing push on digital that intends to implement the Executive to modernize the country.

The chapter deals with various topics that we have had the opportunity to talk about on these pages in the past. In particular, we talk about fibre optics and 5G. Broadband connectivity, in particular, proved crucial during the quarantine, when millions of people found themselves working or studying from home.

The Government intends to accelerate on the development of new generation networks, but there is also talk of a voucher for families and businesses to bridge the digital divide that still grips too many people and that represents one of the most important challenges of the moment. There is also talk of one single network for “white areas”, and ultrafast fibre for rural areas to enable the development of agriculture 4.0.

Finally, investments were also announced for the robotics, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity sector. It is undeniable that these three aspects will represent the pillars on which to build the future.

We are certain that above all the part on 5G will unleash conspiracies again. For all information on 5G, please refer to our dedicated news.