Steven Sinofsky Former Windows CEO: Apple’s M1 Macs are like a Tesla Roadster of computer Science 11/20/2020

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Apple’s new Mac computers with the M1 chip are causing a stir in the technology world. Now the former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky gets in touch – and he compares the M1 Macs with revolutionary products of recent history.

It is the biggest turning point in Apple’s computers for decades: after 15 years with Intel processors, the Californian company is now equipping its Mac computers with specially developed chips. The M1 chip, which, like Apple’s iPhone chip, is manufactured using the five-nanometer process, enables significantly more performance and longer battery life, as our test of the current Macbook Air shows. The chip also enables fanless operation and porting of iPhone and iPad apps. This should drive the interlinking of the products from Cupertino even further in the future.

Switching to a completely new system architecture is associated with many risks. However, Apple has largely avoided it, as initial tests show. In terms of performance, the new computers with the M1 chip – a Macbook Air, a Macbook Pro (13-inch) and the Mac Mini – are particularly good. Sometimes even the MacBook Air, which is designed for mobility, leaves fully equipped desktop computers behind.

Ex-Windows boss praises M1 Macs

This ensures recognition even among former competitors, as a tweet by Steven Sinofsky shows. He worked for Microsoft for decades and was Managing Director of the Windows Division at Microsoft from July 2009 to November 2012. In this position he was responsible for the development and marketing of the operating system and the Internet Explorer browser.

“M1 Macs are like a Tesla Roadster of computer science,” Sinofsky writes. “Just like the Macintosh or the iPhone 1 in 1984.” The new computers are a product with a clear vision that enables a leap forward. “I say this knowing that we tried that too. That’s why the emotions are bittersweet at the moment,” Sinofsky writes.

M1 Macs are like a Tesla Roadster of computing. Just as 1984 Macintosh was or iPhone 1. A first product that has a vision and runway to execute that takes a leap for many to see.

Yet, I say this knowing we tried to do that as well. So emotions right now are bittersweet.

Last year Microsoft launched the Surface Pro X, which has a specially developed operating system version called Windows 10 ARM. However, it has the same problem that the group once had with its smartphones: There are hardly any apps. You can bridge this with an emulator, but this is at the expense of performance and efficiency. In addition, Microsoft has never convinced a critical mass of users with these devices, so that it is anything but attractive for developer studios to adapt their programs for these devices.

A problem that Apple apparently does not have: In the first few days after the release, several well-known corporations provided customized versions of their programs. Google’s Chrome browser is available in an M1 version, and Adobe’s latest Photoshop beta also runs natively on the M1 chip.

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