Stop using WhatsApp is now easier than ever: transfer your chats to Telegram

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whatsapp telegram chats

Telegram and Signal They have received millions of users in recent weeks after the new privacy policies that WhatsApp will apply from May. Signal has copied many small WhatsApp functions that they did not yet have to ease the transition, and Telegram has now made it easier than ever by allowing WhatsApp chats to be passed to Telegram.

This is how the company has detailed it in the latest update of Telegram 7.4, which has the great novelty of being able to import chats from other applications like WhatsApp, Line or KakaoTalk. One of the main reasons why users do not change apps is because most of them are on WhatsApp, and they do not want to lose their conversations either.

Export your WhatsApp chats to Telegram

To use the function, we just have to go to WhatsApp, click on the icon with the three white dots, click on More, and click on the option Export chats. There, the app will allow us to choose if we want to export the chats with or without multimedia content. Among the chats in which we can do it we find our own saved message chat, a group or any type of chat.

Once we have done it, the messages and the multimedia content (if we have chosen to export it) will be available in the Telegram chat that we have chosen. This import of chats can only be done to an existing chat in Telegram, so if we want to pass a group we will have to have created it previously. And if we want to have a chat with another person, that person must have registered in Telegram.

whatsapp telegram export chats

Imported messages will have a little sign at the bottom that says “imported.” In previous versions of Telegram it put forwarded, but now it will be clearer. It is important to make it clear that the imported messages may not be real, since it is possible to modify the WhatsApp chat history and enter or change their content. Luckily, Telegram allows you to delete any message or chat to any of the participants, no matter how old, so we can protect ourselves against such modifications.

The function is available now in ios, and will soon be available also for Android.

A new step in the battle of messaging apps

WhatsApp, for its part, continues to gradually launch new functions for its app. Today they have launched for WhatsApp Desktop and Web the possibility of using the face or the fingerprint to link devices, being more comfortable to use these biometric verification systems than having to scan a QR code.

The battle between messaging apps is more intense than ever. WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal offer end-to-end encrypted chats, but only Signal offers them without any “buts.” In the case of WhatsApp, those who are made with companies from May may be spied on by Facebook to direct ads to us (although not in the European Union, so we are safe in Spain).

Telegram, meanwhile, has secret chats with end-to-end encryption, but normal chats are encrypted in the cloud so they can be synced across all devices. Those messages are, in theory, accessible, but Telegram has never done it or anything related to it has happened with anyone or any government, unlike WhatsApp where messages have been read as a result of vulnerabilities, such as the one that ended with the theft of messages and photos of Jeff Bezos himself. In addition, WhatsApp backups in the cloud are not encrypted, and your messages can be accessed by the authorities if ordered by a judge. In Telegram, calls and video calls are encrypted end-to-end by default.

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