Sunne, the lamp that does not consume electricity and brings sunlight into your home

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In addition to that electric future that awaits us in the coming years, with smart and sustainable vehicles that will not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we are witnessing a deeper revolution that is affecting the way we generate electricity and energy to supply our homes. And while devices that feed on sunlight are not new, the curious approach of this lamp is.

Sunne by Marjan van Aubel.

Its name is Sunne, it has been developed by a solar designer who, from Amsterdam, wants us to put this device on our windows that accumulates energy throughout the day to release it when night comes, bringing to our rooms the same warmth of the sun. An original idea that not only serves to discreetly illuminate the most welcoming corners of the house, but also reminds us of the light that we receive every day from the star king. Although it has already been hidden.

Three different types of sunlight

Sunne is, in the words of its creator, a “self-powered sunlight that captures, stores and produces light indoors”, in such a way that “during the day it collects energy from the sun while it hangs by the window; at night, it brings that same sunlight into your home.” To do this, we will have to place it in the center of the glass, hanging, and with the receiver facing the outside of our home.

Sunne, the solar lamp for the home.

That surface will be the one that accumulates all the energy in its integrated battery constantly throughout all daylight hours to brighten Sunne when it gets dark so it begins to brighten the interior. The funny thing is that the type of lighting it produces is inspired by the same color temperature of the sun, and corresponds to the phases of sunrise, daylight and dusk.

The idea they have had from the design studio is to combine in a single device “art, sustainability and technology” to create what they define as “the interior light of the future”. Its body is made of aluminum and it has that elongated shape to simulate the horizon, as well as allowing the installation of a sufficient number of solar cells to capture all the energy necessary to keep it on for hours.

Sunne has a control in the upper right part where we can turn it on and off and, at the same time, choose between these three types of lighting. You have it available on Kickstarter at a price of 650 euros which, at this time, were practically sold out. In case of not getting one, we will have to settle for the special editions numbered at 1,200 euros each, of which there are more for sale. The estimated delivery date is scheduled for August of this year.


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