Teams will be more inclusive in the coming weeks: captions, call integration, voice commands and more are coming

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Teams will be more inclusive in the coming weeks: captions, call integration, voice commands and more are coming

Talking about Microsoft applications to facilitate teamwork is talking about Teams. It is a tool, one of the winners during the pandemic together with Zoom that facilitates that workers and professionals can stay connected despite the distance

With the arrival of Teams, Microsoft has gradually launched different improvements. Integrate with GitHub, List function support, “Together Mode” to make calls more enjoyable or the ever increasing limit of participants. Improvements to which are added those that the company has announced at Ignite 2020 and that will make the platform even more immersive and inclusive.

Live subtitles


To make it easier for all types of people to access, regardless of whether they have any type of different capacity, comes support for live captions with speaker attribution during a Microsoft Teams meeting. With the goal that everyone can understand the discussion and participate easily, Teams will now have the Live captions and transcripts with presenter attribution.

This function is available in individual calls and up to interactive meetings of up to 1,000 participants with the possibility of reaching up to 20,000 participants. These features can be enabled through the control bar within the call or meeting window, and will be available in the coming months.

Together mode with more scenes

Together mode

There was more variety to an option such as “Together mode”. It is a view in Teams meetings that seeks to facilitate immersion make it appear that participants are sitting in the same room (It will include multiple auditoriums, conference rooms, and a cafeteria) than other participants to make it easier to pick up on the non-verbal cues that are so important in relationships. The Together Mode will launch later this year.

Improved search experience

Search for

An improved search experience is coming with the use of Microsoft Search and will be available by the end of 2020. Now, searching in Teams will be more effective, whether it is messages, people or files. The process will be faster and more intuitive for everyone, including people with different disabilities.

The page that shows search results has been redesigned and now provides better context and faster results, with relevance driven by artificial intelligence based on the people and content you interact with the most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. Additionally, assistive technology users will be able to use the shortcut with the combination “Ctrl + F” to access the search bar, start a search and access the results.

Wellness and health


As a result of the blurring between work and personal life, situations are occurring that harm our physical and mental health. To help address these situations Microsoft is providing information on well-being and productivity in Microsoft Teams. It’s about discovering opportunities to prevent burnout and fatigue.

For Microsoft 365


In addition, in the case of Microsoft 365 the company has announced improvements such as Play My Emails, an option allows you to listen and respond to news in the inbox hands-free with the help of voice commands and Cortana, also thinking of making work easier for people with some type of different capacity. Play my Emails is now available in Outlook for iOS and Android in English in the United States and will begin rolling out in the coming months in English in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India.

Another novelty is the voice commands in Outlook Mobile. Now you can use your voice to write emails, schedule meetings and make calls, all from Outlook Mobile. Simply touch the microphone and give the appropriate order such as “Send an email to Jose to inform me that I am late” or “Call Jose in Teams”. Outlook will find the person to whom the instruction is intended to execute the action we have given.

These are some of the news that we will see in Teams in the coming months to make it a more inclusive and immersive tool and that all users have the maximum ease of use.

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