Telegram exceeds 500 million users

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Telegram is experiencing considerable growth in recent days, motivated in large part by the change in the conditions of use of WhatsApp, which forces users to accept them before February 8 if they want to continue using the instant messaging service. The change is made so that WhatsApp can share user information – usage patterns and trends, not the content of conversations – with Facebook, the company that bought it in 2014, and although it does not apply to users in the European Union Yes, those from other parts of the world are all looking these days for the best alternatives to WhatsApp.

25 million people have signed up for Telegram in the last three days

Telegram is undoubtedly one of these alternatives. Rival of WhatsApp since its creation – in this article you can see how they differ from one another and how Telegram provides more functionalities – so far this year it is receiving many users who have decided to leave WhatsApp once and for all.

Thus, as pointed out by its founder, Pavel Durov, in the first week of January, Telegram has exceeded 500 million users assets per month, its historical record. It represents a quarter of the 2,000 million that WhatsApp has, but it is a figure that does not stop growing.

In fact, according to the words of Durov in a post published on his website, during the last 72 hours, Telegram has received 25 million new users. Like Signal, it is being one of the great beneficiaries of the exodus of WhatsApp users.

These new users come to Telegram from all over the globe. 38% do so from Asia, while 27% do so from Europe. 21% comes from Latin America.

Last year, at this time, Telegram had 1.5 million users a day. Throughout history, Telegram has received waves of users from WhatsApp every time there has been a major drop in service or if a security problem occurred. However, according to its founder, “this time it is different.” Durov points out that users have grown tired of compromising their privacy on free services, nor do they want to be part of monopolies that think they can do whatever they want with them.

«Telegram is the main refuge for those who want to defend the privacy of data and the safety of users. We take our responsibility very seriously. We will not disappoint you “, promised the direct in his statement, pointing out that Telegram has neither advertisers nor shareholders to explain. Anyway, this is going to change, since the company also announced at the end of last year that it would start showing advertising in 2021, although only on public channels.


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