Telegram launches voice chats

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Telegram just launched voice chats in your groups, allowing you to create conference calls that members can log in and out of as they please. Telegram is thus ahead of the voice chat rooms called “Spaces” that Twitter is preparing for next year and launches a function similar to the one that Discord already has.

Telegram allows you to create voice chats in a group with thousands of connected users

Within any Telegram group, you can now create a voice chat room that is always active. It works in parallel to the communication that is already maintained with text and multimedia, all it does is add a layer of live ephemeral talks to the group.

It is not a group call, since they provide more flexibility, since users can listen to what is said in that chat room whenever they want, without being aware of the development of a call.

How voice chat works on Telegram

To create a voice chat you just have to open the profile of any group for which you are an administrator, touch (⋯) or (⋮) and choose the option “Start voice chat”.

In groups with active voice chats, a bar is enabled at the top that shows who is speaking at the moment. The volume at which they are speaking is even indicated. The user can thus choose when he decides to join the voice chat.

By doing so, you can keep moving freely through Telegram, checking your conversations or sending messages, whatever you want. On screen you will see the controls for the microphone, to mute or speak whenever you want. In Telegram for Android, in addition, a floating widget will be displayed even when Telegram is in the background.

From the menu, you can choose to chat with whoever is online or invite other people. There is practically no limit of participants: Telegram expressly points out that they work for “a few thousand” participants, without giving a specific number.


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