Telegram, rival of WhatsApp, has a function that worries by exposing the exact location of the user

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The new terms and conditions of WhatsApp they continue to generate controversy around the world. Since its announcement and after millions received a statement asking to accept them, more than one seriously thought about leaving the app knowing that their data will be shared with Facebook. This is where applications like Signal and Telegram They became more relevant and many are beginning the final exodus. Given this, Pável Dúrov, co-founder of the paper plane company, assured that they “respect their users”; however, one function puts many in check, why?

“I hear that Facebook has an entire department dedicated to finding out why Telegram is so popular. Imagine dozens of employees working on it full time. I’m happy to save Facebook tens of millions of dollars and give away our secret for free: respect your users. “He said in a company statement where he refers to the instant messaging application that asks to accept the new rules of the game before February 8 in order to continue using it.

This has not been the only action of Telegram referring to WhatsApp, because through his Twitter account he mocked the controversy over his new 2021 policies and shared the meme of the coffin dancers.

Telegram ‘People Nearby’ function

Given this, thousands of users wonder if they really Telegram is safer than WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This is where the finding of Ahmed Hassan, a cybersecurity researcher, appears, assures that Telegram’s ‘People Nearby’ feature allows strangers to access the exact location of the person. As detailed, anyone can fake their GPS location to appear in the place they want.

How does it work?

The paper plane messaging app has this option that allows you to contact people even if you do not have their number or aliases, but it is achieved thanks to the location and approach.

It is disabled as standard and is activated from the side menu of the app, yes, it could be exposed to other people.

According to Ahmed Hassan, this can be dangerous as cybercriminals access the exact location of Telegram using apps with fake addresses. He indicated that he made this finding known to the app and they responded that its function was precisely that, to know the specific location of the user.

It is here where more than one specified that it is contradictory, since Telegram It is presented as a secure app, with end-to-end encrypted messages and is the ideal option for those who want to abandon WhatsApp after their new 2021 policies.

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