Tesla and Volkswagen race to be the first to launch an affordable electric car

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Tesla and Volkswagen race to be the first to launch an affordable electric car

The market for electric car is already at a point where it could become accessible for the general public. And all these are because Tesla and Volkswagen, the two market leaders if we talk about electric vehicles, have future cheap electric car programs.

Price is still the big problem in this sector

One of the The main problems of electric vehicles today are still their price, which is always one of the main concerns of new buyers.

When the luxury segment, many electric vehicles have reached the price and performance equivalent to combustion vehicles. But we do not see this as the cheapest range, There is currently no low-mid-range electric car at the same price as combustion engines.

The development of new batteries could change everything

The battery technology improvements are starting to pay off. It will allow automakers to achieve a higher performance, getting longer autonomy ranges, yet lowest price, which opens the possibility that these brands launch an electric vehicle for the public that does not want a top-of-the-range car but wants it to be electric, and that for its price so far has not been able.

Tesla and Volkswagen already compete to be first with affordable electric cars

Now two big electric car manufacturers have announced future programs with cars that could start between $ 25,000 and $ 30,000.

In September, Tesla announced that it will make a new, smaller long-range electric car with its new battery technology starting at $ 25,000.

CEO Elon Musk commented on the announcement:

Tesla will make an attractive $ 25,000 electric vehicle that will also be fully autonomous.

Musk also added that the new $ 25,000 electric car is going to hit the market in about three years, by 2023, when Tesla has increased production of its new battery cell.

Now Volkswagen is apparently also joining the race for the first “budget” electric car. Reuters reported today that Volkswagen has given the green light to a new program of “small BEV” vehicles, which would start at a price of $ 24,000-30,000:

Under the project dubbed “Small BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle),” engineers are racing to develop an efficient battery-powered car in a pole-sized car that will be available for between 20,000 and 25,000 euros ($ 24,000-30,000).

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