Tesla Model 3: the brand will no longer sell a cheaper version of its electric car

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Tesla Model 3: the brand will no longer sell a cheaper version of its electric car

Tesla introduced the Model 3 for the first time, a car with performance and autonomy with a very good price / quality ratio, promising that it would be launched by cost starting at $ 35,000, but this has never really come true. The price that was announced in the presentation has been available in the United States on some occasions, but in the rest of the countries where Tesla is present with its cars it has never been available.

Tesla initially launched its more expensive versions, that is, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD and the Tesla Model 3 Performance. Then in 2019, and only in the US, it commercialized the promised economic version, under the name of Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, which was actually a version “capped” in software from the original standard version, the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, whose price in the United States is $ 38,000.

Nothing like this never arrived in the rest of the countries

In the rest of the countries, the prices of Tesla cars are usually much more expensive than in the United States, mainly motivated by the taxes they attract.For example, in Spain the price of 35,000 euros would never be possible since to start with the VAT is much higher here.

Cheap Tesla Model 3
Cheap Tesla Model 3 Pexels

Now the cheap version also disappears in the United States

The saga of the $ 35,000 Tesla Model 3 has taken a dark turn. According to Electrek, the automaker will no longer offer the cheapest version of its popular electric sedan with the next 2021 model year update. This represents the second time in these years that Tesla has stopped selling the most affordable version of its car. mass market.

The fastest customers (from the United States), still have a chance to get a Model 3 Standard Range, and it is through vehicles still in stock, which continues to sell for $ 35,000.

This version, as we have already commented, is a version capable of software functionalities of the Standard Range Plus version, customers who get it will lose many functionalities by paying $ 3,000 less.

Tesla has not yet explained why He has decided to eliminate this economic option from his model 3, since the only difference was the loss of functionality due to software.

They will sell cars at a price equivalent to those of combustion

This is not to say that Musk has completely abandoned his plan for an affordable electric car. Thanks to the company’s new “tabless” battery cells, as well as changing the materials inside the battery cells, Musk said during a recent event that Tesla will be able to “cut in half” the price per kilowatt-hour, which will make electric cars can be cMarket at the same price as combustion enginesn. This should allow you to sell an EV for $ 25,000.

It is clear that it is a movement, in which Tesla takes the opportunity of this 2021 renewal to stop selling the version that offers less profitability to the company that does not stop selling a car and that has customers on the waiting list to get hold of one.

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