Tesla prepares touch-ups in the design of its Cybertruck, when will they show them?

Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Prepares Touch Ups In The Design Of Its Cybertruck, When

Tesla Cybertruck.

Almost a year ago, Elon Musk presented between shouts and cheers one of the strangest, yet attractive vehicles that we will see in the coming years. A Tesla Cybertruck that comes to completely change the concept we have of a pickup and that on the day of his launching he suffered a couple of unforeseen events on account of two windows that broke when within the show they were scheduled to resist the impact of two steel balls.

But leaving aside those anecdotes, Obviously Elon Musk got what he wanted: advertising a vehicle that looks so futuristic that it is loved and hated in equal parts. Now, it does not seem that this is going to be the design that we will finally have on our streets and the Americans have been working for some time on small corrections on the original aspect, the one we all have in mind.

In a month we will see the changes

That is the deadline that Tesla has set to show the world what will be those details that they have modified from the original Cybertruck design. An EV that, remember, opened its reservation period at the moment of presentation and whose figures already exceeded 200,000 units just a week after the event was held in Los Angeles.

Elon Musk confirms the design changes to the Cybertruck.
Elon Musk confirms the design changes to the Cybertruck. Twitter

And as always happens, it has been Elon Musk himself who, through Twitter, has answered a fan of the company who came to ask him when could these tweaks in the design of the pickup be known. The Australian’s response He left no room for doubt and it will be between the end of November and the beginning of December when that new presentation will take place. Or rather, publication of the details that have changed.

This response from the CEO of Tesla is after another message that we could read on their social networks in which revealed that they were making “minor tweaks” to the Cybertruck design to make it even “better”. What’s more, to another impatient fan of the brand, eager to know where they are making those improvements, himself Elon Musk dared to answer that “Even small details matter”, which also suggests that the same is not a general redesign but rather a fine tuning of functions or parts that until now were not designed in the best possible way. At least in the eyes of the company itselfOr do you not think that the enormous competition that is coming in the segment of the pickup pushes them to this restyling?