Tesla presents the new Model S and Model X that will go on sale in September

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Tesla just announced the two new models that will go on sale in September and that will replace the Model S and Model X current in the market. And they do it, not only sensibly touching their exterior design lines, but above all adding many extras and features inside such as the arrival of the Tesla Arcade service, which will offer passengers the possibility of enjoying video games such as those of “the newest consoles. ”

New Tesla Model X from 2021. Tesla

The North American manufacturer renews, thus, two ranges that were already crying out for evolution which, as in all cases, always starts from the outside: both in the case of the Model S and Model X, we will have elements in black and a stylized line of both the front and the back. Of course, despite these subtle modifications, we continue to identify that design that has made them true icons of the Elon Musk brand.

The interior, full of novelties

Now the two models hit the market with three screens inside, where the main one stands out, on the dashboard, where we can configure practically all the car’s systems. With a resolution of 2,300×1,300 pixels and a size of 17 inches, this main panel will also serve to navigate through its renewed entertainment options, which passengers in the rear can enjoy while driving. Precisely, a new screen arrives where they can see all kinds of multimedia content, as well as video games, thanks wireless gamepads. The third screen will be positioned in front of the driver, under the steering wheel (revolutionary in the case of the Model S), and will focus on data and graphics while driving.

New interior of the 2021 Tesla Model S. Tesla

Now these new models will feature three-zone climate controls and an enhanced sound system with 960-watt audio that will turn our car into a movie theater. In addition, the installed microphones will have active noise cancellation systems, so that any conversation we may have is perceived clearly and clearly, and in the case of the Model X, it will install an improved panoramic windshield, larger, capable of releasing driver’s view so that nothing in the car gets in the way of your view of the road.

Interior of the new Tesla Model X from 2021. Tesla

These new Model S and Model X Plaid will arrive in September this year with starting prices of 89,990 and 99,990 euros for the “Great autonomy” models that have ranges of 660 and 580 kilometers, respectively, as well as maximum speeds of 250 km / h. and a power in its electric motors that together add up to a total of 1,020CV.

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