Tesla will update its cars so that they can always circulate in the fast lane

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Tesla driving on a highway.

The highway code of many countries tells us that we must always circulate in the right lane and use the ones on the left, only and exclusively, in case of overtaking. Now, as you all experience daily in your time of going to and from work, from said to fact there is a world and it is very normal to see how many drivers in Spain have decided to name the center lane of motorways as “the new right lane”.

With that on the table, it is normal that Tesla has programmed the autopilot of its cars to comply with the highway code of the countries where it operates and, therefore, after overtaking a car, its autopilot returns to the right lane to continue the march . The problem is that with that setup, many owners of these EVs feel uncomfortable, unsafeBecause the vehicle has to be constantly performing maneuvers to allow the incorporation of other drivers on the highway, or to overtake trucks and buses that circulate much slower than us.

Update in sight

For that reason, Tesla has been analyzing the situation for some time and seeing how it can satisfy drivers, but without breaking the rules dictated by the traffic authorities. And it seems that they have found the key because an update is underway whereby vehicle owners will be able to choose whether to stay or not in the fast lane under certain circumstances.

Tesla exiting a highway.
Tesla exiting a highway. Cf Tesla (YouTube)

This new option will be called “Exit the passing lane” and is coming wirelessly with version 2020.36.10 of the software to EV Tesla owners in the US, Australia, Canada, China and New Zealand, so It is to be imagined that in the case of Europe the process will be significantly delayed. After all, the traffic regulations and standards that Elon Musk must meet are very different from the controls that pass in other territories. So we will have to wait.

As explained in the software update notes, “While navigation with the autopilot is on, your car can now stay in the passing lane. To adjust your lane preference for overtaking, touch Controls> Autopilot> CUSTOMIZE NAVIGATING IN AUTOMATIC PILOT> EXITING THE PASSING LANE. “As we say, the laws of each country will mark the possibilities of this” Exiting the crossing lane. ” Reach more owners, as these maneuvers of permanently occupying the overtaking lane are usually penalized, not in Spain (de facto), as you well know.

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