The Amazon Ring is a great invention for home guards

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Amazon has provided the details and price of the drone camera, which flies smoothly indoors. (Photo: Amazon)

San Francisco: Amazon has developed a drone watchman for 24-hour indoor surveillance, which will allow you to inspect your home anywhere in the world.

Amazon has dubbed it the ‘Ring’ which is a kind of flying camera. You can immediately watch its videos and photos on your smartphone, but it only flies when the family is out and confines itself to certain rooms.

The ring drone will go on sale soon with an introductory price of 250 250. According to Amazon’s Color Security Division, it only works when no one is home and the rest of the time it stays in its pod. Technology analysts have described it as a science fiction film, calling it a very important invention.

Some critics have criticized it, saying that Amazon will now take video inside your home and add it to the database of the world’s largest consumer store. This can raise new questions about people’s privacy. CSS Insight expert Ben Wood says home support technology is in place, but people’s identities and privacy cannot be ignored.

Silky Carlo, an analyst at the Big Brother Watch website, said: It is important to note that Amazon has already become heavily involved in the surveillance market and buying and selling.

Amazon has said that privacy has been taken care of in the manufacture of drones. Leila Rohi, head of the Amazon Ring Division, said the drone only flies when it is in motion. Amazon has also said that its video doorbells and smart alarm systems are already helping and protecting people.

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