The Apple Car could have a smart dynamic tinting system on its windows

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Brian Adam
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Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a patent that refers to an in-vehicle environment that provides the driver and passengers with a dynamic window system that offers privacy and tinting features.

Windows with smart tinting system

The patent granted to Apple is based on a system for vehicles oriented in the dynamic window tinting, which includes components to identify and determine objects, locations and zones within the vehicle to provide Privacy controlling tinting with windows systems.

The system detects your discomforts and privacy requests

The dynamic tinting system recognizes objects, locations, and areas within the vehicle to be protected or unprotected, and responds to explicit tinting requests or commands. In other words, it would be able to cover areas inside the vehicle automatically. With the intention of protecting objects, interior elements and occupants of sunlight. According to the publication, the system responds to direct requests to tint the vehicle’s windows through Siri.

The tinting system automatically adjusts the tint of a window based on where the vehicle’s passengers are seated. As a result, the tinting system provides automatic tint adjustment to prevent sunlight from entering the interior of the vehicle, thereby increasing the comfort and privacy of the vehicle occupants, and reducing light leakage from the interior. of the vehicle, among other advantages.

The adjustable outer surfaces they can be transparent or partially transparent and can include windshields, windows, a roof, a floor, and other surfaces of the vehicle.

Apple also notes that Sensors and imaging devices in the vehicle can intelligently determine that an occupant is squinting and uncomfortable due to sunlight. Or, the sensors can determine if the occupant is looking outside the vehicle to observe the landscape. The vehicle tint application can activate the dynamic tint module based on the occupant’s intent or perceived intent.

Statement of Intent by Apple

This system is intended to increase the comfort of the traveler, but it can also be used to increase the privacy of the occupants by reducing the light that seeps from the inside out. This technology shows that Apple continues to be interested in transportation vehicles.


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