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Ladies and gentlemen, we arrived in May 2020: there is little left in the middle of the year. The situation is not the best, as we well know, but the world is trying to reach as much as possible to this moment. In the smartphone field, manufacturers are demonstrating willpower that probably has very few precedents, given that the ads and valid devices to buy are certainly not lacking. Just to make you understand, in the under 200 euro range, the last few weeks have given us the announcements of devices such as Redmi Note 9 and Huawei P40 Lite E and there have also been interesting price drops. In short, even this month there are many smartphones to analyze, to the delight of fans. Let’s go, therefore, to see which devices are under 200 euros to take more into consideration. We remind you that the prices examined are only those of Amazon Italy and the official websites of the manufacturers.

Realme 5 Pro

Despite the fact that the Realme 6 range is now a reality (prices there are more than 200 euros there), Realme 5 Pro is still a valid device, appreciated above all because of its above-average performance, good build strength, and the photographic sector that does not disappoint. expectations and granite autonomy. The display is also not bad, even if we are in line with the average price range. For all the details relating to the technical characteristics, we invite you to consult our news dedicated to Realme 5 Pro.
As for the main flaws, the ColorOS according to many is to be reviewed (but the expected update to the Realme UI has already arrived) and the design is not well seen by a certain type of user. Speaking of the connectivity sector, there is Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5, 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones and USB Type-C port. Note the absence of the NFC. Realme 5 Pro is currently sold for 195 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (4 / 128GB).

Redmi Note 8 Pro

As we announced at the beginning, there was no shortage of price drops this month. In particular, Redmi Note 8 Pro now costs 199 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (6 / 64GB), a cost that can appeal to many. Arrived in Italy at the end of 2019, the device has convinced critics and the public mainly thanks to the granite autonomy ( 4500 mAh battery ), the good construction solidity and the complete connectivity sector. For all the details of the case on the datasheet, we recommend you take a look at our news dedicated to Redmi Note 8 Pro.

The main flaws are, however, in an average photographic sector, in performances not exactly at the top (SoC MediaTek Helio G90T) and in a display that cannot compete with that of other smartphones in this price range. The connectivity sector is complete: there are NFC, 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones, USB Type-C port, Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi ac dual-band. In short, Redmi Note 8 Pro is definitely an interesting choice, also by virtue of the price drop.

Redmi Note 8T

The Italians know this name well: Redmi Note 8T. It is one of the most recommended smartphones in general in this range and has long held important positions in the ranking of Bestsellers of Amazon Italy (further on we will see that it is still so today). In any case, it is a smartphone that gives its best in good constructive solidity, in the excellent screen, in the complete connectivity sector ( NFC, headphone jack and USB Type-C are in place), in the good camera and in granite autonomy. If you want to learn more, we refer you to our review of Redmi Note 8T.

Obviously, this is not a perfect device: there is some software burr, the performances are only in line with the price range and the differences with the previous generation are not too marked. In any case, Redmi Note 8T is considered an excellent smartphone, which can be safely taken “with your eyes closed” by those who have always been comfortable with this range of devices. It is currently sold at a price of about 150 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (4 / 64GB), although it must be said that the Redmi Note 9 range has just been announced (which we will discuss later), so keep in mind also this aspect.

Redmi 8A

In a purchase guide linked to smartphones under 200 euros, it is always good to go even further, going to highlight a device capable of “satisfying” those who use the smartphone only to do a few things: send a few messages, consult the e-mail and browse via a browser. For this type of people, Redmi 8A, an entry-level device launched in the second half of 2019, can be perfect. Net of the obvious shortcomings and the few demands on performance, the device is able to perform the classic daily actions and has a 5000 mAh battery. In short, if you have few needs and want to aim for autonomy, this smartphone could do for you. Many also buy it as a secondary device, given its price of 99 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (2 / 32GB).

Other interesting features of the Redmi 8A include the presence of the triple slot (Dual nanoSIM + microSD) and a fully integrated connectivity compartment (there are headphone jacks, USB Type-C, 4G LTE, but the NFC is missing). Unfortunately, the performance is not optimal and the screen has only HD + resolution, but you certainly cannot ask for more at such a reduced price.

Special mention: Palm Phone

In each price range, there are devices that do not manage to fall exactly among the top ones, but which can still be interesting for some market niches. This month we are giving space to Palm Phone, the iconic compact device with support for 4G and Android 8.1 operating system is now available for purchase at a price of 199 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers(3 / 32GB) – and initially, it was sold at 350 euros, a cost that many considered “too high”. A price drop that could be interesting, as we are talking about a very particular smartphone. Its screen is just 3.3 inches (HD resolution) and under the body, we find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor. Its dimensions are just 96.6 x 50.6 x 7.4 mm and there is no lack of IP68 certification. It is a smartphone designed for those who want a little “detachment” from the speed at which today’s world turns, without however remaining totally out of it. Too bad for the lack of autonomy but it is a very niche product, which could also turn a blind eye.

Market choice: Redmi Note 8

In our country through the official channels, only the aforementioned Redmi Note 8 Pro and Redmi Note 8T have arrived, but many Italians are buying the Redmi Note 8 variant, as can be seen from the Amazon Bestseller smartphone ranking. The reason? The rather affordable price, given that the smartphone is sold for 150 euros (4 / 64GB). On the other hand, the ROM is the Global one and there is support for the 20 bands, so the device can be used safely and is a valid model.
Redmi Note 8 takes the good things done by the predecessor and takes it to a next level, thanks to a good constructive solidity, an excellent screen, a complete software sector, a good camera and granite autonomy.
However, keep in mind that, unlike Redmi Note 8T, NFC is missing here. Instead, there are the 3.5 mm audio jack and the USB Type-C port. In short, evaluate the purchase according to your needs.

Upcoming Arrivals: Realme C3, Realme 6i, Redmi Note 9, Sony Xperia L4 and Huawei P40 Lite E

Do not underestimate the recent announcements related to Realme C3 and Realme 6i smartphones. The peculiar feature of the two models is the 5000 mAh battery, so we expect excellent autonomy. For the rest, Realme 6i focuses heavily on the photographic sector, given the presence of three rear sensors (the main one is 48MP and a wide-angle lens is not missing), and on the design, which was created in collaboration with the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. Realme 6i can be purchased for 199 euros on Amazon Italy (4 / 128GB), while Realme C3 costs 159.90 euros on Amazon Italy (3 / 64GB). These are devices that have just come out: we have included them among the “next arrivals” because the critics have not yet had the opportunity to test them properly.

Moving on to other devices, Xiaomi recently announced its range of Redmi Note 9 smartphones. These are interesting smartphones, although, at the time of writing, we do not have precise details regarding the Italian price of the basic variant, which should be below 200 euros. For the rest, we have recently received confirmation from Sony that the Xperia L4 smartphone is about to arrive in Italy. Cost details are missing, but there are those who talk about 199 euros. For more details, we refer you to our news dedicated to Sony Xperia L4. Finally, another smartphone to take a look at is Huawei P40 Lite E, announced a few days ago. Google services are missing, but the price is set at 199 euros on Amazon Italy

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