The best apps to add subtitles to movies

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Lovers of original version movies can improve their understanding of other languages ​​by turning on subtitles, which is also useful for those with hearing difficulties. Unfortunately, there are times when this option is not embedded in the film file itself, or it does not have subtitles in the desired language, so it is necessary to use players that have this option.

Some video players allow subtitles to be added to movies that do not have them

And not only add them, but some of the following programs are also able to search the Internet for the appropriate subtitles and configure the way in which they appear, something that avoids having to search for them specifically and add them. Some of the most recommended programs to achieve this are the following.

-Easy Subtitles: Free application for Android that allows you to install and modify subtitles so that they are perfectly synchronized with the associated video. The app is free but there are additional purchases related to advanced functions such as modifying the appearance of the subtitles, searching for text strings within the files that contain the subtitles, merging two subtitle files …

-MX Player: In addition to adding and managing subtitles, it has its own search tool (in the menu: Subtitles – Online Subtitles) to locate the subtitles of the movie that you want to watch on the Internet without leaving the application itself.

-Subbr Free: It also has its own online subtitle search engine, and once located and associated with the film, it allows different settings such as synchronizing them with the frame rate as well as the usual ones for modifying size, color and font type.

-SubLoader: It searches for the files that contain the subtitles on the computer, but it is also capable of searching for them, allowing the user to choose one of the many web pages that perform this service. The free version is somewhat limited but the full version is priced at 5.99 euros in its Android version.

-Subtitle Downloader Pro: It is capable of downloading multiple subtitles at the same time in different formats, with support for more than sixty languages. A free version of limited use is available, the paid version costs 1.99 euros.

-VLC: Free and open source, it is one of the most popular applications for playing all types of files, both on computer and mobile devices thanks to its versatility, since it is capable of running almost any existing audio or video format. As for the subtitles, just select the folder where the corresponding file is located so that it recognizes it and offers in the corresponding menu the option to select it, being able to configure different parameters such as size, color, thickness, opacity or background color of the subtitles. .


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