The best messages to congratulate Christmas 2020 by WhatsApp

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Tomorrow we will celebrate the most endearing night in the most chaotic and unusual year. Despite everything, 2020 also brings its Christmas, and although we cannot hold mass celebrations or see many family and friends, We will always have WhatsApp to share Christmas messages with all the loved ones who are in the distance … or with those who, even being close, we will not be able to visit.

This year 2020 the texts of the Christmas greetings will also be different from those of other years

Surely during these holidays you use video calling apps on more than one occasion or it is even possible that you try to connect virtually with Santa Claus, but what will undoubtedly not be lacking will be WhatsApp messages, chains of memes about 2020 that will be sent to congratulate these Christmas dates. If you are tired of always sending the same messages, below we have prepared a list of original ideas with motivating, hopeful, joyful Christmas messages… especially designed for this unusual 2020 Christmas.

-Messages in the distance. All kinds of messages with the word «distance» will be a trend this year, from simple messages like «During these pandemic holidays, receive a hug from a distance and spend a merry Christmas»Even more elaborate ones that can be made.

For example, instead of sending the traditional family photo with everyone around the table, why not send one with all the members while maintaining a safe distance? That would be sending a message “in the distance.”

-Handwashing. It is best to take the situation with humor, since we have no other. Promoting security measures once again, a good message you can send this year might be something like: «Merry Christmas!. Ah! You need not fear, I have washed my hands before sending you this message«.

-Hugs with instructions. Let’s give free rein to originality. Even Christmas messages from WhatsApp can come with an instruction manual, like Ikea furniture. For example: “Place your right hand on your left shoulder. Then your left hand on the right man. Ready… You have received a hug from me in the distance to celebrate this Christmas«.

-Messages in pajamas. Make yourself comfortable and you can also send a message like this: «May the pandemic not prevent you from celebrating Christmas as we have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries this year… on the couch and in your pajamas!»

-Motivational messages. This year, even the most motivating messages will arrive loaded with irony. Here’s one: «The good thing about the pandemic is that this Christmas you will not have to put up with your mother-in-law at home«.

-About health. Not all messages have to include jokes, here’s a nice one to use: «Don’t give me anything this year, just knowing that you will protect yourself and be healthy in 2021 is the greatest gift I can receive»

Always with a mask. This year, if you send photos and put a Christmas message on them, don’t forget an essential element in the image: the mask. You can wear it, or put it on a Santa Claus doll, replace it with the Christmas boot …

-Messages on the Internet. Another idea is to send a technology message, for example: «May you find this Christmas happiness, health, love and money … and if you do not find it, you will always have Google«.


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