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YouTube is an inexhaustible source of entertainment and content of all kinds. On this platform you can find videos for all tastes, from courses to learn languages, to videos of Korean recipes or content related to mystery and terror.

YouTube has content channels where you can discover some legends, mysteries and terrifying stories about paranormal cases and real crimes.

This is a very popular content, since curiosity and fear are among the strongest feelings that human beings can experience. For lovers of these intense sensations, YouTube has some channels where you can find content to your liking.

– «Canal Iker Jiménez»: Iker Jiménez has spent his entire professional career dedicated to mystery and the paranormal. He is one of the most recognized journalists on this subject and for years he has presented “Cuarto Milenio” and “Milenio Tres” programs dedicated to mystery. From his YouTube channel, he offers mystery content in which he analyzes some of the most mysterious and disturbing events in history.

– «Dross Rotzank»: It is one of the channels dedicated to terror and mystery with the most subscribers (more than 21 million). It has content of all kinds, from stories and stories, to true stories.

– «Nekane Flisflisher»: The channel of this Spanish passionate about the paranormal and parapsychology has been generating content about mystery and terror for many years. In its channel it is possible to find videos with reviews about horror books, real stories about crimes and famous criminals, videos about houses and cursed objects, as well as testimonies about people who have had paranormal experiences.

– «BreakMan»: The BreakMan channel has a more varied content, as some of its videos are more humor-oriented. However, the highlight is his horror stories and his compilations of terrifying videos.

– «Paul Landó»: Paraguayan journalist with one of the best YouTube channels with mystery and horror content. Paul is an expert in conspiracy theories and has one of the strongest and most faithful communities. One of his most watched videos is about Elisa Lam and her mysterious disappearance at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.

– «Zador Tracer of Nightmares»: Zador’s videos are horror stories written by himself or by his audience. Some have become “creepypastas”, a kind of horror stories that many people take for true stories. In addition, the creator himself has a mystery story, since he disappeared for a time from his channel.

– “The dark room”: It is a channel that tells stories of paranormal encounters. All his videos contain a great deal of mystery and tell some of the most disturbing stories you will find on the Internet.

– «Paulettee»: One of LATAM’s best-known mystery content creators, with more than 5 million subscribers. Among her videos it is possible to see some of the strangest and macabre true stories, as well as content recorded by herself traveling through some of the strangest and most mysterious places in South America.

– «Scary files»: In this channel it is possible to find all kinds of content related to mystery and terror. From conspiracy theories, such as the recent theory about the last snowfall in Madrid in which a group of TikTok users claimed that the snow was actually plastic, to real stories and terrifying legends.

– «MundoCreepy»: In Creepy World, horror and mystery lovers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of content: stories of murderers and real murders, urban legends, ghost stories and much more.


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