The best rings of light to record videos for your social networks

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Brian Adam
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Light rings – also known as “ring lights” – are devices specially designed to illuminate spaces and give the work surface more clarity. They are mainly used to record videos for social networks, or during video calls, to obtain a more professional lighting.

The light rings are used to give clarity to an object, a photograph, a video recording or to illuminate the space during a video call, they are portable and are perfectly paired with a Smartphone

There are many models on the market that allow you to incorporate your mobile phone into the ring and thus take better photos or videos as if you were an expert. It is a basic tool for anyone who wants to be an influencer, so we show you five of the best that you can buy today, and with good value for money:

-UPhitnis 10 inches: This LED “ring light” is ideal for clear photos and video captures, thanks to its three colors (cool white, warm white, warm yellow) and 10 fully adjustable brightness levels. It has a remote control to manage its lighting functions. It is supported by a 63-inch tripod base that can be raised up to 1.56 meters high, and a rotating stand to place the mobile to take selfies, record a TikTok or make podcasts. It has an illumination angle of 120 degrees. Its price is 18.99 USD.

UPhitnis rings of light

-Peheshe 10 inches: Made of aluminum alloy, it incorporates a four-section tripod to improve the stability of the light ring. Installs and adjusts in just 25 seconds and achieves a height of 1.56 meters maximum. It has three lighting modes such as white, warm white and warm light, and each one has 10 brightness levels.

It is made up of 120 LED bulbs and provides a 120 degree illumination angle, ideal for removing dark spots in photos and videos. The battery lasts between 4 and 6 hours active – it does not work with electricity – and the base to hang the phone rotates 360 degrees. The remote control works up to 30 meters and is compatible with iOS and Android. Its price is 16.99 USD.

Peheshe Light Rings

-Neewer Lighting Kit: This lighting kit includes a 48 cm LED light ring, a 155 cm light stand, a soft tube and a series of orange and white filters. It has an adapter for a tripod base, a bluetooth connection, a smartphone holder and a bag for convenient storage or portability. It is lightweight, made with aluminum alloy. Its price is $84.99.

Neewer Light Hoops

-Yoozon 10 inches: It is a ring light with three color modes (white, warm white and warm light) and 10 types of brightness adjustable from 1 to 100 percent. It can be used to take selfies, record videos, photos, make podcasts, video calls … The light ring measures 10 inches and incorporates 120 LED bulbs. Its remote control works with wireless technology up to 10 meters away. Compatible with iOS and Android mobiles, it is ideal if you do not need a tripod and simply charge it by USB. Its price is $16.99.

Yoozon light rings lighting rings

-Elegant 10.2 inch: It is a 10.2 inch ring light, with 160 pieces of LEDs and adjustable color temperature from 2700k to 5500k. It has three light modes (white, warm white and cool white) and 11 brightness levels for each light mode. It has a 360 degree swivel arm with universal clamp for all kinds of mobile phone. It is charged by USB and its price is 15.99 euros.

Elegant light rings


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