The best smart speakers of 2020

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Best smart speakers 2020
Smart speakers are increasingly popular in all homes, with which you can enjoy an Internet connection and numerous additional options with the help of the wizard that they incorporate. Generally, when you think of these devices, it is big brands like Google, Amazon, Apple or Microsoft that come to mind, although they are not the only ones. Smart speakers are used to control smart home, mobile or music entertainment functions, all through voice commands In fact, even Facebook has its own smart speakers, the Facebook Portal , although we did not include them in our list of the best smart speakers of 2020 because they are not yet available in Europe, only in certain markets like the United States. If you don’t have smart speakers at home yet, our selection may change your mind today. Next, we show you the best smart speakers of 2020 based on their main features and most importantly, their price: -Echo Dot : it is a smart speaker developed by Amazon with a fabric design of different colors. It measures 99 millimeters in diameter and 43 millimeters high. Its shape is cylindrical, with an audio output of 3.5 millimeters. It has connectors for a feeder and a decorative light ring on the top. In addition, it has volume control buttons, deactivate the microphone and power. It is compatible with Alexa to be able to link and control smart homes, receive news, configure alarms and notifications, initiate calls, play music, activate applications and online platforms … all with voice commands. Its price is 49.99 euros .
Echo dot smart speaker Amazon
-InnovaGoods : It is a smart speaker with multiple functions for the whole family. It is made of ABS, 360 degree amplitude sound, Bluetooth 4.5 connection, 5W x2 power. It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants. It can be used to take and make calls, play music, and send orders through the built-in microphone. It has a 1800 mAh battery, autonomy of 3 to 4 hours in use, USB charging cable and measures 9 centimeters in diameter and 14 centimeters high. Its price is 29.84 euros .Video player -Sonos One : it is one of the best smart speakers on the market, which allows the playback of songs, podcasts, radio stations, audiobooks … among other functions, and all through voice commands compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It is resistant to humidity, can be taken to the bathroom or on the terrace and does not deteriorate. It is constantly receiving updates and can be easily connected with Alexa, Google, and Airplay. It measures 12 x 12 x 16.15 and weighs 1.85 kilograms. Its current price is 229 euros .
Sonos One smart speaker
-Echo fourth generation : This smart speaker is owned by Amazon, compatible with Alexa, measures 144 millimeters in diameter and 133 millimeters high. It has a ring of light to illuminate in the dark, controls on its surface to increase and decrease volume, turn the device on and off, turn off the microphone … It has a charging port and 3.5 mm audio output. It is used to control smart homes, set alarms, receive news and updates, make calls, among other functions. It is compatible with Android and iOS and Fire OS devices. Its price is 99.99 euros .
Amazon Echo fourth generation
-Google Home Mini : the price of these smart speakers is 59 euros , you just have to check availability and choose your favorite color. It is compatible with Google Assistant, with 360-degree quality audio output, it can be synchronized with Google Home and share the audio throughout the house. It supports different types of reproductions format, measures 40 millimeters in diameter. It has two built-in medium-range microphones to detect the user’s voice when issuing commands. It connects via Wifi and bluetooth, it has a button to mute the microphone, buttons to lower and raise the volume, and behind its mesh there is a ring of four LED lights. In addition, it will be updated with news that the search engine for its speakers and smart displays has promised in the coming days.https://www.youtube.com/embed/KdF-xqidHNc?feature=oembed -JBL Charge 4 : JBL, one of the most popular sound brands in the world, also has smart speakers. This one in particular is fourth generation, with autonomy of up to 20 hours to listen to music. Its battery is rechargeable lithium ion with a built-in USB port. It can be taken anywhere thanks to its IPX7 security protocol against water, dust, sand and sun. It can be connected to up to two mobile devices simultaneously. Its price is 126.65 euros .Video player
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