The best YouTube channels to watch Real Madrid

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If you are a soccer lover and “white” blood runs through your veins, you will want to see all Real Madrid games, although remember that you will have to subscribe to a payment platform to watch all the football, especially since the closure of DailySport, the pirated online service that many used to watch football matches for free.

The official Real Madrid channel on YouTube has more than six million subscribers

But to see audiovisual content about your favorite team – even if it is not the live games themselves – you can also turn to YouTube. On the video platform owned by Google there are many channels where you will have thousands of content about Real Madrid at your disposal: historical matches, documentaries, player interviews… and much more so that you don’t miss anything about your favorite team.

Here we bring you a selection of the best channels about Real Madrid that you can see on YouTube:

-Real Madrid Official Channel: Obviously, the first channel you should subscribe to is the official one about Real Madrid. It has more than six million subscribers and is one of the most followed official channels of a soccer team in the world. In it you will see summaries of La Liga and Champions matches, historical videos with questions and answers, videos of training sessions … and even the recently created women’s section.

-The Galactic. It is a channel that publishes several weekly contents in which it reviews the club’s current affairs from a subjective point of view, in which the author provides his opinion and evaluations about the players and their performance in the matches.

-Iñaki Angulo TV. This channel, previously known as “I am Madridista”, is the channel of Iñaki Angulo, a journalist who in the header photo makes a statement of intent: “Soccer for smart people.”

In his videos he not only talks about Real Madrid, but also about other football teams, but of course those dedicated to the white team are the majority. It even has some very interesting thematic sections, such as a collection of videos with the history of the Real Madrid numbers, among others.

-Real Madrid Press Conference. A channel with statements from all the white players after the matches: coach, players and members of the board comment on the matches and other current club news

-Real Madrid Foundation. A channel with all the information you need to find out about the activities of the Real Madrid Foundation, what it does, what projects it has underway and much more.

-JotaRealMadrid. A constant update channel with all the club’s news, comments, evaluations … about the matches and everything that happens at Real Madrid beyond the official matches.


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