The bleak prediction of Mhoni Vidente about Luis Miguel

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Since he emerged in show business, Luis Miguel’s life has been of interest to the public, because together with his charisma, gallantry and vocal talent that he demonstrated as a child, various aspects of his personal life have strongly attracted the attention of his followers.. Between admiration and multiple successes, of the life of Sun Much has been speculated: from the tyrannical way of managing his career of his father, the remembered Spanish singer Luisito Rey, to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the alleged death of his mother, Marcela Basteri.

Going through his sentimental life, the eternal loneliness in which he lives, his multiple and volatile love conquests, the alleged excesses and lack of control that he has experienced in his life, the secrecy with which he has always handled himself and that has been exacerbated in recent years. years creating various myths about him and the commented lack of responsibility as a father, the personal aspects of the singer of Under the table they interest their followers a lot.

Starting the year and with the expectation of what this 2021 will bring for the famous singer, some astrologers and seers revealed what in their opinion would await Luis Miguel, who according to what has been announced will have a turbulent year, especially complicated and full of bad omens.

The second season of the series that tells the interpreter's life is already being prepared (Photo: Instagram @lmxlm)

The popular Mhoni Vidente expressed that for the future of the singer he sees a bleak outlook. So said the astrologer for the magazine TV and novels: “The first months of 2021 are difficult for him. I see him sick, because he relapses into drugs and alcohol; you must take care, if not, give you a stop. Besides, Jaime Camil Sr. died and he no longer has that protection and that guidance. The brothers (Alejandro and Sergio) must support him to get him out. It also reveals how his mother died and where she is buried, something he already knew.

But the Cuban has not been the only one who saw a black future for the interpreter, of whom the second installment of the successful series that portrays his life is already being prepared, because also Vieyra Vidente visualizes something fateful related to excesses: “He will continue to suffer the loss of his mother, and that does not allow him to be a good husband or a good father. I see him locked up, with vices, ”he revealed to the same publication.

For his part, Mariesther Martínez Eroza does not predict an encouraging future for Luismi, as he even pointed out that although he will probably find love in a stable relationship that will give him self-confidence, his deteriorated physical appearance will give much to talk about.

In recent days, the singer was widely criticized for not extending his condolences after the death of Armando Manzanero, who produced many of his greatest hits (Photo: Instagram @lmxlm / EFE)

“Brings a health issue; Perhaps because he looks younger, he could undergo a procedure that will hurt him a lot. Sentimentally, I see him as unstable as always, although it is possible that he will last a long time with a woman who is close to him, but who is not known or famous. The reality is that when he reappears in public, he will look unrecognizable, but for the worse”, He expressed.

And the fact is that the bad omens for Luis Miguel do not end here, as the astrologer Farath Coronel also predicted fatalities that could even lead to abandonment and a complex legal complaint. This was revealed to the same publication.

“The force of the star no longer exists. Sentimental problems will be present, further losing the relationship and coexistence of your family. You have problems with attention and self-esteem; his emotional instability with women is because he seeks protection and company first of the woman, but later the girlfriend becomes the mother who takes care of the child. It will have karmatic processes; one of them will be controversial in legal cases, “added the astrologer.


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