The characteristics of the future DJI (Mavic) Mini 2 are filtered before being official

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DJI is one of the benchmark brands in the consumer drone segment, the kind that comes into the hands of the average user who loves to take spectacular photos and videos with little effort and at a really low cost. So the news that a new mini model is on the way is welcome news for those hoping to make the leap and enter this world of flights in the coming months.

Remember that DJI’s Mavic Mini has been one of the company’s turning points, who put on sale a device so compact that we could comfortably carry it anywhere. A drone that, when folded, was barely the size of our hand, without sacrificing great photographic quality and truly extraordinary flight performance.

Before the official presentation

The fact is that in the last hours A video has appeared on YouTube in which you can see one of these DJI Mini 2 which are not official yet, in what appears to be a leak just days (or maybe hours) before the Chinese take it to their website and open the reservation period. And it is that as you can see just below, the analyzed model has even its original packaging perfectly labeled.

The first noticeable change in this new model is that the company has decided to remove the word Mavic from its name, leaving it exclusively called DJI MIni 2, so it gives the impression that, as was the case with its Osmo gimballs, the idea is to simplify the names of the ranges to better reach potential customers. Even so, it will be difficult for many of us at first not to call a DJI drone Mavic.

The main novelty of this new DJI Mini 2 is that the camera improves its resolution and goes from those slightly more than 2K to 4K by right. That means better photographs and videos, which will look extraordinary in those aerial shots that we can define around a marked route, or as a follow-up to a person who is the one who carries the control device up to a maximum distance of 10 kilometers.

That 4K camera will be mounted inside a three-axis frame, which guarantees us a perfect vision of what we have below in any circumstance. As if that were not enough, this DJI Mini 2 will come with resistance to level 5 winds and an autonomy per battery charge of 31 minutes, which is not bad for a drone of these characteristics and size. So If you are long sessions, we advise you to buy several batteries. As we say, this model is about to become official at a price of 399 euros.

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