The electric Renault 4 is official: it will come after the Renault 5 and will be higher

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French car manufacturer Renault announced its plan for the next 5 years and includes 7 new electric cars to hit the market. Renault is a leader in electrification in Europe thanks to its popular Zoe electric car. However, they need to add new electric models to their lineup, as the competition is lining up new entries.

The presentation of the electric Renault 5 as a conceptual model last January made clear the brand’s strategy and its “Renaulution “. But if there is something that shone above the rest in that presentation was the presentation of the legendary Renault 5 in electric. Well now the brand has presented another similar electric car that we assumed would also be presented at that presentation, the Renault 4.

Renault 4: another mythical that returns in the form of electric

Once Renault completes the relaunch of its iconic “Renautl 5 hatchback” As a cutting-edge electric hatchback for the city, in 2023 it will proceed to do much the same with its R4 model. However, the manufacturer will not convert the reborn Renault 4 in a normal hatchbackbut in a tallest vehicle to differentiate it from the 5.

Renault electric car

Basically, the new 4, expected to arrive in 2025, will be a more practical proposition than the 5, with a more style-conscious and less avant-garde model. Something similar to what it has done with previous models. Renault’s small hatchbacks (Clio and Megane), the 4 could also be sold as a small cargo vehicle, without the rear seat for delivery jobs around town.

The Renault 4 will be built on the same platform as the 5, Renault’s CMF-B EV platform, so they will likely share engines and battery packs, among others. There is a high probability that once both models are on the market, Renault phase out its successful Zoe model . In fact, this one (which was heavily overhauled in 2019) may be dropped from the lineup once the R5 debuts in 2023.

“Renaulation” strategy

Recall that the French car manufacturer Renault announced that “by 2025 14 main vehicles will be launched. 7 will be fully electric, 7 will be in the C / D segment. All of our new models will have an electric or hybrid version. “The company is advertising the plan as” a transition to an energy brand. “


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