The European Union will investigate Facebook for the data leak

facebook union europea 1.jpg
facebook union europea 1.jpg
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Two weeks ago it was made public that the personal data – telephone numbers, dates of birth, names and surnames, emails and postal addresses – of 533 million Facebook users worldwide, of which 11 million were Spanish, they were on view for free on an Internet forum. Now the company can face legal consequences for this negligence in the protection of the data of its users.

Facebook has limited itself to denying its negligence and ensuring that it is “cooperating” with the investigation.

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) -the country’s data protection agency- has opened an investigation into Mark Zuckerberg’s company after a meeting with Didier Reynders, the European Union Commissioner for Justice who encouraged the Irish to “closely monitor” this case and guaranteed the Commission’s support for the investigation.

As Facebook has its European headquarters in Ireland, it is the European data protection agency of that country that is responsible for controlling the company’s activity. Facebook has limited itself to reacting by ensuring that it was “cooperating” with the investigation initiated.

The statement issued by the DPC explains that, based on the information provided by Facebook Ireland, “one or more provisions of the RGPD and / or the 2018 Data Protection Act may have been or are being infringed as regards the personal data of Facebook users ”.

Although the company defends that it has not acted incorrectly, the DPC maintains that its actions may have violated European regulations. Facebook hides itself in the fact that the stolen information was already available in the hacked profiles, and based on that reason it has decided not to notify users who have been affected by this data leak.

The Irish body does not see it in the same way, which is willing to determine “to what extent Facebook has fulfilled its obligations as responsible for the data of its users as well as in its treatment ”.