The famous “butterfly effect” seems not to exist in the quantum world

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The famous 'butterfly effect' seems not to exist in the quantum worldThe famous “butterfly effect” of time travel could be a problem only of science fiction, given that physicists, thanks to a new experiment, have reason to believe that in a quantum landscape this effect could not represent any problem.

The butterfly effect is a theory that states the following: if even minimal events from the past are changed, in a hypothetical time travel for example, these seemingly insignificant events may have weight in the future, with substantial changes. Thus, a pair of physicists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States created a simulation using an IBM-Q quantum computer. “On a quantum computer, there is no problem simulating the opposite evolution over time or simulating running a process backwards in the past“says theoretical physicist Nikolai Sinitsyn.

Nothing “alla Matrix”, it is about a small simulation consisting of related quantum states and it is sufficient for researchers to reproduce events with small changes. “So we can actually see what happens with a complex quantum world if we travel back in time, add little damage and return. We have discovered that our world survives, which means that there is no butterfly effect in quantum mechanics“says Sinitsyn.

Therefore, the butterfly effect theory is not important in the quantum world, since any damage done in a quantum system can only cause small and insignificant local changes in the present. The discovery may have some interesting applications in future quantum systems.