The first image is filtered with the design of the new Airpods Pro 2

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For a few days, the information that Apple prepares a first half of the year full of launches, Both in the part of the iPhone SE with the arrival of a model larger than that of 2020, and in that of the Airpods, which will see the arrival in stores of the second generation of their Airpods Pro in 2021.

Now, unlike other more continuous releases, it seems that Californians are going to make a significant leap with these headphones, especially in terms of design since apparently in the filtered image that we bring you today, Those characteristic swabs that Apple helmets have are going to pass away.

The first image arrives (or recreation?)

This first image that has appeared on Chinese social networks corroborates this information that The Airpods Pro 2 from 2021 will be the first to arrive with an exclusively in-ear design. That is to say, it will be a headset that will be located inside our ear and will hardly stand out while we use them.

Design of the future Airpods Pro 2. @theapplehub

It remains to be seen how efficient this design is when it comes to preventing them from moving when we are exercising, or doing some activity since, in the case of the first Airpods Pro, they already had the small defect of not being held as effectively like normal models: they dripped off as the minutes passed. Even so, the image that has been leaked gives an idea of ​​what they will be like, although there are elements in it that give the feeling of being a recreation to make us understand the changes.

Be that as it may, an immediate advantage of a poleless design is that the case to store these Airpods Pro 2 no longer need to be so big, compared to the previous model. For this second generation, the charging case will be lighter and more compact, as you can also see in the leaked image.

Finally, there is the internal hardware of the helmets themselves: Apple will continue to install the H1 chip which is basically the same one that carries the entire Airpods range, as well as noise cancellation technology and, for the first time, water resistance as well as distribution in stores in two different sizes, depending on the size of our ear, to allow these new helmets to always fit in the best possible way. Which, without the poles, will be especially critical when using them.

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