The first real images of Apple AirTags are filtered

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It was one of the products that everyone expected to see in the keynote for the presentation of the new iPhone 12 on October 13, but in the end, those from Cupertino left us with honey on our lips. And is that These AirTags have been ringing for months, practically since evidence began to appear of its existence in the logs of some beta versions of iOS 13.

Now it seems that the thing is serious and that Apple prepares the launch of these smart stickers that we can adhere to any object to have it constantly controlled, and that will allow us to make the house or car keys, a bag, a coat or any object that does not have mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity, always available to be found by simply tapping on the screen of our iPhone.

First real pictures

Until now, all the images that existed of the AirTags were renders based on the testimonies of people who had seen them, so they were still inventions with a part of reality. Now, it has been the famous leaker of the current Apple, Jon Prosser, who has gone a step further by publishing in one of his videos on YouTube a small excerpt from a material that he claims is for the internal consumption of those in Cupertino.

In that little fragment an AirTag can be seen circling around itself in such a way that its design can be appreciated and shape without problems (minute 6:50). It must be said that since it is a gadget that we will carry attached to a different object, it remains to be seen what will be the mechanism that the North Americans have devised to fix it without losing it since, unlike the Tiles sold by Amazon (or future Samsung Smart Tags), they do not seem to have a hole through which to insert, for example, the typical ring of a keychain.

In these images of the video you can read, on the back of the AirTag, the typical legends of Apple products (design in California and assembly in China) as well as two other very interesting ones: “Bluetooth LE” and “Ultra Wideband”, which will be the two types of connection that have to point out the location of any of them. Although there is no confirmed launch date, it is traditional in Californians to always release products in the month of March, which could happen this year around this new range of products.


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