The Google Assistant can read articles for you and here we show you how

2020 11 14 15 30 06.jpg
2020 11 14 15 30 06.jpg

Virtual assistants have acquired a leading role in recent years and their operation has been on the rise. From Siri, to Cortana, through the Google Assistant, they have excellent features to manipulate the mobile through voice. In that sense, we want to tell you about a feature of the Google Assistant that has been incorporated in this 2020 and that is very useful. It is about the possibility that you read articles from the internet for us, as if it were a podcast.

Therefore, we will show you how you can enable this option so that the wizard can read the articles for you.

The Google Assistant as a reading assistant

Google Assistant Message

Google Assistant Message

The Google Assistant has been acquiring powerful features in order to become a good guide and carry out our orders to the letter. This has made it a fundamental piece of developments such as Android Auto, capable of accomplishing many tasks just by saying them. Thus, we note that we are facing an excellent alternative that can help us in many circumstances and one of them is when we cannot read.

If you are driving, walking around town or doing any other task that prevents you from reading, the Google Assistant will be able to do it for you.

To achieve this, we just have to say “Ok Google, read it” or “Ok Google, read this page”. This will make the application activate the reading player where you can even modify the playback speed. Additionally, the application has the ability to translate immediately, so we can listen to any article written in another language in Spanish.

This feature is really useful and interesting and will allow you to be much more productive, even when we are not available to read.

If you don’t have the Google Assistant app, find it in this link.