The Google messages app will be more secure: it will add end-to-end encryption

The Google messages app will be more secure: it will add end-to-end encryption
The Google Messages App Will Be More Secure: It Will

The American company Google, it takes time adding functions to the app that messages on Android. The app began to manage message threads and add reactions and stickers, and the next challenge for Mountain View was to take RCS messaging everywhere.

Once the deployment of your in all messages RCS the world (as long as the operator supports them), Google’s next challenge has to do with security.

RCS Messaging Now Available Globally

Google today announced that RCS messaging is now available worldwide – anyone with an Android phone using the Google Messages app can take advantage of the feature. If you don’t remember, RCS stands for Rich Communications Services and it’s a major upgrade to the basic SMS features that phones have had for years.


As smartphones become more advanced, communication applications also progress to meet the needs of users. Over the past few years, Google has worked with the mobile industry and device manufacturers on various carrier networks in certain countries to provide chat features in Messages based on the open standard. Rich Communication Services (RCS). Chat features update SMS text messages so you can send and receive better quality photos and videos, chat over Wi-Fi or data, know when your message is read, share reactions, and enjoy more dynamic group chats and attractive.

Today, they have completed the launch of this functionality globally, to make this modern messaging experience universal and interconnected for all users on Android. Now anyone who uses the Messages app around the world will have access to the new chat functions, either from their operator or directly from Google.

End-to-end encryption

In addition to finishing its global rollout, Google announced another important feature coming to its RCS rollout: end-to-end encryption. It is not yet fully available; Google said that encryption in one-to-one conversations with RCS will begin rolling out in beta versions this month and will continue to reach more people early next year. “Eligible” messages will be automatically encrypted, and both participants will have to use the Google Messages app with chat features enabled. Although Google did not say when the feature will be released in stable version, at the moment the Messages application has an open beta version that you can sign up for here.