The Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) arrives in Spain: price and availability of the smart screen with Soli sensors to monitor sleep

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Soli technology, patented by Google, returns to the forefront with the new Nest Hub. The company announces the arrival in Spain of the Google Nest Hub 2, the second generation of the smart screen that introduces gesture detection and ‘Sleep Sensing’ sensors to monitor sleep and give us a whole series of statistics on how we sleep and how we could improve our sleep.

These are the characteristics of the new Google Nest Hub (2nd gen), a device with a 7-inch panel that has improved its speaker compared to the indoor model and aims to be located close to where we sleep to complement the bedside table, become a smart alarm clock and can be controlled wirelessly thanks to ‘Motion Sense’.

Google Nest Hub Datasheet (2nd Gen)

Google Nest Hub (Gen 2)


7 inches, 1,024 x 600 pixels


1.9 GHz ARM Quad Core


1.7 inch driver speaker


Soli with Motion Sense

Brightness sensor

Temperature sensor


3 long-range microphones

Privacy switch


Power port

15W adapter


WiFi 802.11ac

Bluetooth 5.0

Chromecast built-in


99.99 euros

Google wants to help you sleep better

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) incorporates a loudspeaker with a 1.7 “driver, with up to a 50% more bass than the original hub, as Google explains. We have a device with a seven-inch screen with HD resolution where we can access services such as Netflix or Disney +, as well as listen to music from platforms such as Spotify.

As a novelty, the new Nest Hub adds gestures to pause or play content simply by bringing your hand to the screen, without touching it. But the main feature is sleep monitoring.

Google explains that the Nest Hub 2 uses ‘Motion Sense’ to analyze how the person closest to the screen sleeps, based on your movement and breathing, no need for a camera or other device. ‘Motion Sense’ promises to be able to detect disturbances of the floor, such as coughing and snoring or changes in light and temperature in the room, thanks to the built-in microphones and the ambient temperature sensor.

Google Nest Hub 2

The sleep sensor function can be synchronized with Google Fit and from the mobile you will have access to a personalized sleep summary. Among the available data will also appear personalized suggestions, made by a team of scientists from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

At the privacy level, the Nest Hub adds a visual indicator on the screen to warn that the function is activated. And it is totally optional, being able to delete the data from the settings or lock the function with a physical switch. As Google explains, ‘Motion Sense’ only detects movement, not specific bodies and the cough and snoring audio data is only processed on the device itself.

Nest Hub Price and Availability (2nd Gen)

The second generation Nest Hub arrives in Spain from May 5, 2021, at an official price of 99.99 euros and it will be available in the Google Store, Orange, MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés, Fnac, Carrefour and other usual chains where Google products are found. Together with Spain, Google announces the arrival of its new device to different European markets such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland, complementing its presence for weeks in markets such as the US, France or Germany.

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