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The HomePod mini is now official: Features, availability and price

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Teknofilo Image 010.jpg

Apple today unveiled the HomePod mini, its new small smart speaker that comes with a design quite different from the original HomePod as it looks like a small glass. The HomePod mini is not only more compact than the original, it is also more affordable, but without giving up many of the features that make it unique. The top of the HomePod mini is fully tactile and allows you to control music playback and sound volume. Also, the entire upper part lights up when we interact with Siri. The HomePod mini puts out 360-degree sound, and despite its small size, it makes powerful sound. Like his older brother, he analyzes the environment he is in to produce great sound. For these calculations, it uses an S5 chip.

It is possible to group two HomePod minis in the same room to sound in stereo, and if you bring your iPhone close to the speaker you can easily see what is playing thanks to the U1 chip that locates your device. HomePod mini not only supports Apple Music but you can also use third-party services such as Pandora and Amazon Music. Of course, the HomePod mini has Siri, so you can access all the functionalities of the smart assistant and incorporates voice recognition to know who is speaking and give personalized responses. It is also possible to control smart home devices with your voice.

Apple has added an intercom functionality that allows you to send messages from one HomePod mini to another, or even send a message to all HomePod minis at once. You can not only send messages to another HomePod mini but also to other Apple devices like iPhone, Apple Watch or even your car with CarPlay. The HomePod mini will be available in white and space gray colors for $ 99 beginning November 16.