The iPhone 12 will arrive in stores with less battery than the iPhone 11

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The iPhone 12 will arrive in stores with less battery than the iPhone 11

The battery is one of those components that pass an exhaustive control by users when a company announces new terminals. However, Apple, true to its tradition, never reveals this type of data, so in the end, we must trust those who disassemble the devices, where they end up finding the number printed on the stack. However, despite this evidence, the lack of confirmation by those from Cupertino makes even many users mistrust this information.

So as usual, some people claim to have had access to these components, so they can now start to say what the capacity is that they are going to have the new iPhone 12 as far as the battery is concerned. Those mAh. that will power the future iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Less battery than iPhone 11?

That is what the new data revealed through some means seems to indicate, which have brought to light the charging capacity of the four Apple terminals that will arrive after the summer. And as we advance, the iPhone 11 last year showed a higher amount of mAh. therefore, can we expect less autonomy?

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iPhone 12 Pro Max battery. MySmartPrice

Be that as it may, the battery capacity of future iPhone 12s looks like this: The cheapest model, the 5.4-inch screen, will come with a 2,227 mAh battery. while the Max model will increase to 2,775. Precisely, the iPhone 12 Pro, which enlarges the size of its screen to 6.1 inches (from 5.7), will maintain the numbers of the previous model, with 2,775 mAh. while the Pro Max will rise to 3,687.

Remember that iPhone 11 (equivalent to iPhone 12 Max) arrived last year with a stack of 3,110 mAh., what is a cut that we could define as considerable. Same with the Pro model last year, which had a larger battery, 3,046 mAh., As well as the Pro Max, which installed 3,969.

On paper, we could expect less autonomy from the new terminals, but there are several elements that could indicate just the opposite: on the one hand the presence of OLED screens, more energy-efficient; on the other the A14 Bionic processor, which will also be able to save power to the terminal and, finally, iOS 14, which will also be able to help lengthen the average autonomy of the devices a little more. Be that as it may, the only certainty is that, in addition to the phone charger and Earpods (which will not be sold with new phones), those of Tim Cook has also put a snip to the capacity of their batteries.