The iPhone 12 will arrive this year with less ‘charge’ in the box, do you know why?

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The iPhone 12 will arrive this year with less 'charge' in the box, do you know why?

It has been a few months since the analysts who most venture to talk about Apple’s launches warned him: it is very possible that the iPhone 12 of 2020 incorporates some surprising novelties, and not so much for functions that are going to be added, as for sonorous absences that we will see to see how those of Cupertino justify them.

And one of those that return to the first information line is that of phone chargers, which they indicate, may well not come in the box when we open them. If it were another company, we would miss it very much, but knowing Apple and how determined it is when it makes a decision, it will surely not cause the least stir or be an impediment to re-sell millions of units.

Money, ecology or the European Union?

That the new iPhone 12 does not have a charger in the box may surprise many, but there are reasons to believe that the information given by Ming-Chu Kuo, an analyst (and Nostradamus) close to Apple, is more than sufficient to give it for good. At the moment, as indicated in their reports, those from Cupertino have chosen two reasons for making this decision: money, which will make it cheaper to buy terminals, and on the other, an ecological issue since no new waste is generated that will end up reaching the environment.

Remember that not only is the charging adapter marked, also Apple’s Earpods, the cable helmets, will disappear from the Cupertino boxes so those who want them will have to buy them separately in a store, at a price of around 30 euros. In the case of the Lightning adapter it goes up a little more to 60 euros (35 from the plug plus 25 from the cable). That is, in total, almost 100 euros less than we hope will affect the cost of the phones.

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Peter Kneffel / dpa

Anyway, do not expect that this strategy of releasing ballast in the box will bring a reduction in the price of the terminals. The 5G of the new iPhone 12 we will have to pay for it and surely, one thing will counteract the other so we will end up spending (at least) the same as in the case of the iPhone 11 of 2019.

Still, there is one last reason for Apple to end up with chargers in the boxes of their mobiles: to avoid the obligation of the European Union to unify all the rules around USB-C. Remember that a directive is in place that could prevent Apple from using its Lightning connectors but if Tim Cook’s forces to buy it separately, it is very possible that it can be interpreted as complying with the standards. Cast? The charger of the latest iPhone consists of a plug with a USB-C connector and the only thing we do is acquire, afterwards, a cable that turns that standard into the other property of Apple. Could it be considered a USB-C? Somehow … yes.

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