The latest fashion in gaming chairs is not to use gaming chairs, but to customize and use car, train or airplane seats

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A gamer not a gamer without a gamer chair. Many are the brands that have taken advantage of the pull of the segment to launch spectacular models in design (and price), but there are those who are challenging that trend and resort to creativity to solve that need.

In fact, on Reddit the practice of sharing photos of jobs and gaming in which that gaming chair is not such is becoming popular, it is a car seat, train seat and even an airplane seat. Simply wonderful, don’t you think?

What better way to go to the junkyard to get a spectacular gaming chair?

Many users of the well-known / r / PCMasterRace subbreddit are struggling these days between buying an RTX 3080 or perhaps an RTX 3070. They don’t know whether to wait for AMD’s future Radeon RX 6000 and their Ryzen with Zen 3 architecture. Others are simply not there interested in processors or graphics cards: The obsession that is all the rage these days is that of gaming chairs that are not gaming chairs.

Sybarite Taking a car seat does not mean going to cheap solutions: this user ended up using the seat of a Porsche Macan GTS, also explaining the process. There is nothing. Source: Reddit

In this discussion forum, more and more users have appeared who share their positions, and in them the protagonist is not the computer (those particular ‘battlestations’ that many presume with compelling reasons), but the chair they use to sit for hours and hours before the screen.

Instead of using conventional gaming chairs or office chairs, the latest trend seems to be reuse old armchairs from cars, trains and even airplanes to configure those extra-comfortable (and warm) workstations that of course give a unique look to the whole.

Many of these users They get those old car seats from junkyards which they then adapt (putting for example wheels or armrests) and which end up becoming a great part of those equipment to play with. Here are some examples, but there are many more on Reddit.

Chair1 Source: Reddit
Intrepid This is the seat of a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. Source: Reddit
Airplane Why buy a chair when you can adapt and use airplane seats? Source: Reddit
Audi This is the seat of an adapted Audi A3 with wheels, armrests and with a connected battery that allows you to continue using the seat or back adjustment controls. Amazing. Source: Reddit.
Subaru Here is the seat of a Subaru Crosstrek, with the seat belt hook, just in case. Source: Reddit.
Ptcruiser And here is the seat of a PT Cruiser. Source: Reddit.
Seat This seat belonged to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the owner placed it on a base with a power supply so that he could control its various settings. All for 75 euros. Source: Reddit
Armchair And already put, why not use a recliner? Source: Reddit
Seats Of course, there are those who joke with this fashion and apply the famous meme. Source: Reddit