The latest Samsung charger (in addition to charging) says to sterilize the phone with ultraviolet rays

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The latest Samsung charger (in addition to charging) says to sterilize the phone with ultraviolet rays

That the phone is one of the dirtiest items in our environment should come as no surprise. Taking this into account and the current situation of COVID-19 that has made us more aware of the importance of hygiene, some brands have taken advantage of this to find a solution. Samsung’s seems to disinfect the phone with UV rays while it is charging.

Using UV rays to kill germs is, to some extent, effective. Ultraviolet rays can be categorized into different types according to their wavelength. Some of them are harmful and others not so much. For example, for humans and electronic devices in general UV-C rays are not harmful, but they can be lethal for microorganisms. Hence they are used to sterilize.

“99% of germs”

Using UV-C rays to disinfect is a relatively common practice. In fact, Samsung is not the first to use this technique to kill germs, nor is it the only one to create a mobile charger with this function.


In the case of Samsung, we find a kind of electronic box in which to store the phone. The box is large enough to hold virtually any phone, or at least all Samsung phones. Once inside, it has a wireless charger in its base, so it will start charging. But besides that when closing the box offers the option to sterilize the phone.

Indicate that for a total of 10 minutes the box shoots UV-C rays against the phone and it’s enough to kill 99% of germs. However, it is unclear whether the phone needs to be removed and rotated to disinfect the back as well.


Really the phone is not the only thing that can be sterilized inside the box. Samsung itself indicates that it is also possible to place wireless headphones or smartwatches (from Samsung, of course). We can even put glasses or other accessories from day today.

At the moment Samsung has put this peculiar charger for sale in Thailand at a price of 1,590 TBH. The change is about 45 euros. However, there are no details of whether it will reach other markets or not. Anyway, it would not be strange to see more and more sterilizing chargers like this on the market. Mophie, one of the biggest accessory brands, has already had hers for a few weeks. In any case, there are other methods to clean phone without the need for special devices.

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