The latest trend of influencers: promoting sports bets and risk products

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Instagram Y TikTok have become powerful communication tools that are being used to promote high risk products. We are talking about sports betting, cryptocurrency arbitrage and pyramid schemes that promise guaranteed returns. Dozens of influencers are advertising these types of services without any kind of control.


Social networks are filling with ads related to high-risk financial and gambling products and worst of all is that it is the influencers themselves who are amplifying these services. Profiles of young millionaires who promise to earn large sums of money by following a «forecaster»From betting or directly instagramers that show a life of luxury ensuring that all this is possible thanks to trading on the stock market or cryptocurrencies. The objective? Get thousands of followers to deposit money in a broker, bookmaker or cryptocurrency wallet to receive a commission for each registration.

Objective: commission for registration

Dozens of influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers They have found a powerful source of income promoting brokers and other risky services in exchange for a succulent commission. The modus operandi is simple, the influencer promotes a challenge in which he assures that it is possible double or triple an amount of money without risk and it also promises a full refund of the deposited fee if the challenge goes wrong. Where is the business? Basically, the user deposits an amount of money and for a month keeps it blocked so that the influencer can collect the commission. After that month, the user can recover their money and if they have lost something, the influencer returns it using part of the commission.


A famous profile who prefers to remain anonymous acknowledges that «what he does is unethical but that in no case is illegal because everyone is responsible for their actions«. You recognize that you can receive between 200 and 300 euros for each user who deposits money in a broker and that in the last month has achieved more than a hundred high just posting stories. It is not difficult to find profiles that are dedicated to world of humor, memes, etc and that they have a very adolescent audience launching this type of messages to attract customers.

Even some Youtubers with millions of followers They have joined the trend of risky financial products and do not hesitate to talk about how they make money with various strategies. «CHavales I have to teach you something, because it’s a fucking madness, I’ve been trading for a week applying a gold strategy that the guys from….»« We have joined the two best tipsters in all of Spain… limited places ». The user ends up entering a link to deposit money or a Telegram channel where there are already thousands of users talking about the benefits of certain strategies to earn money.


The problem with all this advertising is that it is not being controlled by social networks and it is increasingly common to see thousands of teenagers who try to emulate their idols and end up losing money or hooked on services of dubious reputation.

Almost a year ago, Alberto Garzón, Minister of Consumption, assured that he would take measures to stop the advertising of sports betting houses. For this, it announced that it would prohibit the advertising of betting houses at certain times on radio and television. The reality is that little has changed at the moment and it is not strange to see how gambling invades the mass media.

The Island of Temptations turns its protagonists into gambling ambassadors

Virtually all the contestants in the second edition of the Mediaset reality show have succumbed to sports betting money. After passing through the island, the boys have begun to tell on Instagram how well they are doing with a forecaster who has more than 40,000 users on a Telegram channel and they do not hesitate to show screenshots with winning bets.


The fundamental problem is that these new celebrities are mainly aimed at a youth target that is easier to influence and that is more susceptible to testing with this type of chance services. It is clear that Instagram should take steps to avoid this type of advertising that is not regulated and that can become a real problem.

Remember the old Spanish saying, “nobody gives hard to pesetas” and precisely all those who claim that they will help you earn a lot of money all they want is to commission and receive significant amounts from their advertisers. You as a follower do not care about you, in that case they would not impact you with this type of products.


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