The latest version of Google Chrome shows its icon adapted to macOS Big Sur, in addition to including other improvements

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Little by little, the compatibility of several apps is coming to macOS Big Sur and Google Chrome is not far behind with its latest update. In question, has been updated to version 87.0.4280.66 and you can see a change in the icon in which a white background is added, as happens with the border of some native icons of the new macOS Big Sur.

An app that many want to test now with macOS Big Sur and the M1 chip

In addition to updating the icon with white background, new features and bug fixes are included. App performance is again improved by reducing CPU usage by limiting tabs. This new feature will improve system resources. Google promises that background tabs will no longer activate the CPU as often. Consequently, it offers better battery life on a Mac. Translated into own figures, Chrome consumes 5 times less CPU and improves battery life by up to one hour and 25 minutes.

Other improvements included are located at the beginning of the app and their loading. Google promises that Chrome will open up to 25% faster and web pages will launch up to 7% faster.

Google Chrome is the most used browser and the one that consumes the most resources

Finally, add a function in the address bar to delete Google Chrome history by typing “delete my history.” The option that will allow executing this action will appear immediately.

Personally, I have stopped using Google Chrome because it consumes a lot of Mac resources. Only with two or three tabs the fan is on top and the temperature rises to extreme levels. Instead I decided to use Mozilla Firefox, the experience has been positive but at times, the tabs do not have much stability.

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