The new Apple Watch Series 6 will have a blood oxygen meter

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Is about one of the functions that have most often starred in the rumors section around each new generation of Apple Watch. Knowing the levels of oxygen in the blood, in addition, has become an essential piece of information in this coronavirus crisis, the disease of which is capable of camouflaging itself in different ways, so that we always have on hand a way to see if we have a problem with saturation. it is as important as it is definitive.

So Apple seems to have been encouraged to add in the future Apple Watch Series 6 an element that already in 2015, with the first of the models that hit the market, was present in the hardware of the device, but disconnected. Something that had the same to do with the reliability of the measurement software, which was not the most accurate, or a simple marketing calculation.

Another sensor more focused on health

As we tell you, this blood oxygen meter will arrive with the new Apple Watch Series 6 that will go on sale after the summer, so the company continues to close the circle of benefits to have our health controlled perfectly on a daily basis. If in 2015 we had the heart rate meter and in 2018 the famous electrocardiograms (with Series 4), now it’s the turn of blood oxygen, that sensor that will be careful not to drop us below 95. The other aspiring sensor, which always rings in the pools of every year when the time comes for the new Apple Watch to arrive, It is the sphygmomanometer that measures how well we have blood pressure. Another element that, if it came to the Cupertino smartwatch, would make many users choose to buy it.

Electrocardiograms on Apple Watch.

Not surprisingly, the big jump in sales that these smart watches have taken came when Apple decided to focus its main efforts on monitoring our health, and to offer us warnings of all kinds for unforeseen events and emergencies. Playing sports is essential to have a healthy life, but it is more important to have it, and that is why the latest models put on sale since 2017 have been delivered.

Yes, There are storm clouds on the horizon for these Apple Watch Series 6s, but it is not yet known when they will go on sale. as it has been confirmed, almost officially, that this year’s iPhone 12 will not arrive in September and will arrive in October. Although there have been no express references about these watches, it is very possible that they all go hand in hand and go several weeks on the calendar because of the Covid-19.