The new Creative Outlier Air V2 arrive with more battery and better sound quality

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With decisions like those made by Apple in 2016 to eliminate 3.5mm minijack ports. of their smartphones, or the most recent to remove the famous Earpods from the boxes of their new iPhone 12, It was clear that the headphone market was going to shift to a wireless model.or in which many companies with great trajectories in the market would have a lot to say. And that’s the case with Creative.

Creative Outlier Air V2. Creative

The brand that accompanied us almost 30 years ago with those first SoundBlaster cards for PCs, and which now has all kinds of quality sound devices on the market. has released a review of one of its most successful in-ear wireless headphones models, that stand out again for an excellent design that makes them extremely comfortable, as well as offering a whole series of specific high-quality audio codecs.

New controls and better sound

The main change that comes to these Creative Outlier Air V2 is the presence of new touch controls that will offer us the possibility of managing at all times what we listen and how we do it. This new surface will allow us to use simple touches to stop, continue or select a musical theme but, at the same time, access the activation functions of the virtual assistant or the reception and making of calls.

Creative Outlier Air V2. Creative

Due to their off-road nature, which will allow us to use them at home, the office or outdoors, while we train, The Creative Outlier Air V2 arrive with IPX5 certification, which makes them resistant to liquids already intensive use even in less favorable climatic conditions. For example under a persistent rain, or in those racing sessions on the field where the sweat does not stop falling all over the body.

Creative Outlier Air V2. Creative

If Creative is characterized by something, it is for being a company that incorporates all kinds of codecs and audio standards that help to substantially improve everything we listen to. In this case, We will have aptX and AAC audio of the highest quality thanks to the 5.6mm headphone drivers. each, which allow you to enjoy high tones, balanced mids and immersive lows that will adapt to any type of music we listen to.

Like good helmets from Creative, They come with Super X-Fi READY holographic sound, which is a basic version of the X-FI standard that we can activate through the official app. They connect via bluetooth 5.0 to any device such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, Smart TV or video game consoles and offer a total autonomy of 34 hours (12 per charge), adding the duration of the headphones themselves plus the case where we keep them . If you are interested, You already have them for sale at a launch price of 69.99 euros which, later, will be at 79.99.

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