The new interface arrives on your Fire TV Stick, do you know how to install it right now?

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The truth is that this update of the Fire TV Stick interface it’s taking too long and we’ve already lost count of the times updates have been announced that have not finished arriving. In December of last year, for example, we already had a hint for some models, the highest in the range, including televisions and HDMI dongles, such as the 4K model. And in February another warning that seems, now, to come true.

Now it seems that, finally, this new interface is beginning to reach almost all of those Fire TV Stick that we have in Spain and that Amazon seems to serve, several months after the official announcement. Remember that with this update, we will have a more transparent screen, focused on the content but without forgetting the applications and, finally! profile management and better response from Alexa.

Now, yes…

It was a few hours ago, during the last morning, that Amazon finally announced the launch of the update for the range of devices that had been relegated in some way in the previous processes. It is more specifically the Third generation Fire TV Stick (September 2019), last year’s Fire TV Stick Lite, 4K models (also from September 2019) and Fire TV Cube.

New interface of the Fire TV. Amazon

In the event that when you turn on your device, it continues as usual, try to force the download by accessing the “Settings” menu, then we go to “My Fire TV” and, once inside, We look for “About” so that the update functions appear at the bottom. Specifically, “Check for updates”. In this way we will force the device to download the latest version.

In our case, with a third-generation Fire TV Stick, we have performed this operation and We have been able to confirm that there is indeed an update … So you can use the new interface from now on with all the changes added by Jeff Bezos. That they are none other than maintaining the importance of the content, regardless of the platform we use, but without forgetting direct access to the apps we use the most.

Anyway, Amazon advises that Even if we force the download, some users may not find it available yet. In that case, they will have to wait for the device to do it automatically or, after a few days, we will look again if we have that patch to download and apply.

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