The new Xiaomi mobile is for children, it looks like a Game Boy and costs 40 euros

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The new Xiaomi mobile is for children, it looks like a Game Boy and costs 40 euros

The mobile phone industry has always had little ones in their minds, with some phones that simplified their functions to such an extent that a very young child could carry one of these devices for emergencies. Remember if not, that Mo1 from Imaginarium that came out almost 15 years ago and that only had four buttons to call Papa, Mom and one of the grandparents.

Now it is Xiaomi that has thought that it would be a good idea to bring the dwarfs a kind of mobile phone with a shape as familiar as that of the mythical Game Boy, the portable Nintendo console that devastated (those who are now starting to be parents) in the late 80s and much of the 90s. It is a model called Xiaomi Al Ping Q.

Small but bully

This Al Ping Q It has a 1.54-inch screen and a typical resolution of smartwatch, with only 240×240 pixels and that it is not tactile since the whole set is managed through that directional D-Pad and the two buttons: one to confirm and choose an option on the screen, and another to return to the previous menu.

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Xiaomi Al Ping Q.

We are not talking about a smartphone, but about a pure and hard mobile where the only important thing is that the little one, in an emergency, knows how to call his parents since it has a series of shortcuts to dial specific numbers: Dad, Mom and any other favourite that we configure.

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Xiaomi Al Ping Q.

The good thing about a Game Boy design is that it can go completely unnoticed by others as they will think that the child is carrying a console in his hand. It has a 1,150 mAh battery. that will allow you to be on for many hours, in the style of the old Nokia that lasted, and lasted, and lasted. To top it off, it has 4G connectivity, music application, alarm clock, virtual assistant and a system through Bluetooth that allows the little one to add friends who have the same phone to interact with them (do you remember the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass?).

Be that as it may, one of the important points of this Xiaomi Al Ping Q is that It has GPS and Wi-Fi so it is very easy to keep track of the child and quickly know where he is. In addition, for greater security, the terminal only supports an eSIM card that we will have to register directly with our operator, so it is not removable except by accessing the menus where we could deactivate it. If you are interested, It is sold in China at a price of 399 yuan, which at the exchange is only 50 euros, and we will see if at any time it takes a leap beyond the borders of the Asian country.