The Official Tesla App Now Offers Two-Step Verification

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The use of mobile phones with our cars is not very widespread yet. The normal thing is that we have an app from our manufacturer that barely lets us check some things, almost all without direct connection to the vehicle and more focused on assistance and technical support. Although it is also true that, more and more models, especially electric, offer all kinds of control possibilities remotely, to turn on the heating before getting on, etc.

And Tesla is one of those companies that make intensive use of the mobile phone with their cars, not only to activate functions before getting in them or invoking them to pick us up, as when buying extras and functions that we do not contract for the day we got it from the dealership. So that safety becomes essential, lest someone impersonate us and we end up with the vehicle turned into a junk.

Two-step verification is here

That is why many owners of Tesla vehicles have received with joy this update of the official app since it allows to introduce a second authentication factor in their accounts, in such a way that not only the username and password will be necessary to log in but also an extra code that we will have to generate from an application of the authenticator calls. Google and Microsoft, for example, have theirs that you can easily register although there are many others that Elon Musk’s define as “third-party”.

Tesla official app. Tesla

The way to add one of these applications is from the Tesla account itself, in the security options, where it allows us activate this “multi-factor” verification, which is obtained through one of those apps, Either thanks to a code that it generates specifically for this procedure, or after scanning a QR code that will be the one that identifies us with the sequence of numbers that it will automatically generate.

Once that application is linked, It will ask us to confirm the process by writing the six-digit numeric code that the authenticator offers us and, from that moment on, all logging into our Tesla account will need that second verification step. Either through the website, mobile phone or anywhere else where it is necessary to log in. If you do not have it active yet, we invite you to do so to avoid that, in one of those famous internet data leaks, the credentials to access your cars go.

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