The photo of Gaby Spanic that sparked criticism for her appearance

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A recent photograph he shared on Instagram Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic unleashed criticism among her followers, who accused her of exaggerating with the filters.

On the weekend, the star of The Usurper He was seen on Instagram with a photograph in which he looked yes, with a different appearance than usual: a sharper nose, zero wrinkles or imperfections, and huge eyes.

“I am back, the real Paola Bracho. Prepare yourselves darlings. Their jaws are going to drop, when they see me arrive, I already have my accomplice. To destroy my Twin sister. #lausurpadora #paolabracho #diva #hermanasGemelas “, he wrote to accompany his publication, which has already received more than 55 thousand” likes “and more than a thousand comments.

Some of the messages highlighted the beauty of the Venezuelan actress, but for other of her followers, her appearance was nothing more than a product of technology to take images with applications.

The image of Spanic that caused surprise

“One more filter and purifies the water”, It was read in one of the messages that generated the most reactions, with 190 “likes” and more than 80 responses, most of which supported his point of view.

“Beautiful, beautiful, do not use so many filters”, “you do not need so much filter, beautiful woman”, “the most arranged photo”, was read in other messages.

It is not entirely confirmed that his appearance was the product of a filter, since in a previous publication he announced that he was in the company of a makeup artist friend.

Another image where Spanic looked transformed

In fact, in that photo she also looked different, especially with her very sharp nose and super defined chin, which contrasted with most of the images that she herself has shared on the social network, in which her cheeks look a lot more bulky and eyes smaller.

The Venezuelan actress has not responded to messages she received about her appearance. His most recent publication is a clip of Tik Tok recreating his character as Paola Bracho, the villain of The Usurper.

Although she has been away from the small screen for several years in Mexico, Gabriela Spanic has not stopped being active and proof of this was the invitation they made her to a television program in Hungary.

In an interview for People in spanishSpanic said she was happy for the invitation and for other projects on the doorstep; He also took the opportunity to rule out that he had signed with Televisa, the company in which he rose to fame more than two decades ago.

Gabriela Spanic from "La Usurpadora"

“No, it is not true (that he signed). Of course I have put myself to order, for example, with Salvador (Mejía), I love him and we did The usurper; I also put myself to order with Nacho (Sada), with Nicandro Díaz. Let’s see what happens in the future, let’s see what happens. But the public does want to see me, the public loves me, they cannot erase that, they cannot erase the sun with a finger, it cannot be ”.

And is that Spanic does not understand well why he has not returned to Mexican television despite the fact that it was broadcast successfully I am your master in The stars. “I love Mexico and he was the one who launched me to fame with La usurpadora, which is the most repeated novel in the history of television. Maybe there are many things that have changed, but hey that’s how it played. I am very grateful to all the television stations that I worked with because we did very beautiful projects that are still being sold and are being seen around the world and first of all on repetition ”.

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