The ring that was lost ten months ago appears in the stem of the garlic plant

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The ring was lost during garlic cultivation, Photo: Video Grab

Mean: A 12-year-old girl lost a ring ten months ago while farming in the United States.

According to the International News Agency, in the US state of Maine, 12 Madison Sun Cooper was planting seeds for planting garlic in a field near her house when her ring fell somewhere and got lost.

The highlight of the ring was that it belonged to Madison Sun Cooper’s grandmother, who gave it to her son, and then Madison Sun Cooper’s father wore it to his wife on Valentine’s Day.

The family searched the house in search of a memorable ring that has been passed down from generation to generation, but the ring could not be found and now the family was exhausted and one day a miracle happened.

When he pulled out a plant to pick the garlic needed for cooking from his crop, a shiny object was stuck in its trunk. A closer look revealed that it was a lost family ring and thus the whole family. Hope so